CloneCD v.2.0.2

CloneCD 4 by Elaborate Bytes is the ideal CD copy program to make backups of your Music and Data CDs. It writes in RAW mode, allowing full control of the written data. CloneCD 4 produces real 1:1 copies of your CDs. CloneCD 4 works with almost all CD Writers, is rock-solid and very fast. CloneCD 4 does not need an ASPI driver.

New in this version:
- Revamped Copy-Kernel: CloneCD 4 copies more!
- New User Interface: Even easier to use!
- New technical features: i.e. Automatic Fast Error Skip.

Use the serial number included in the txt file.
ClonyXXL v2.0.0.6 is a copyprotection detection scanner, wich can show what kind of protection is used on a disc. It will provide you with the right settings for CloneCD, so you can make a working copy of the disc.

The installation of ClonyXXL is in German but you get to choose which language you want the program in:
English,German, Italian, French, Dutch, Spanish or Czech.

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