It's easy to make sketch from photo. Convert your photo into color sketch, pen-and-ink, black and white sketch. Now, your photo become fine line art, even indistinguishable from an artist work. Creation of artistic looking hand-drawings derived from photos. The usage is very easy.
Great practical function :
• It's easy to make color sketch for photo.
• It also convert your photo to Oil Painting.
• You can adjust the hue, saturation, lighting, exposure for the photo, and also make artistic picture, such as realism, pop art, abstract.

Certainly, it also can make black and white sketch for photos :
• The usage is very easy.
• Professional functions for photo sketch or color sketch,
• More specially, More powerfully!

What's New?
• You can convert your photos in batches.
• Operation is differentiated by standard grade and professional grade.

kanan qu

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