Senin, 29 Juni 2009

Mozilla Firefox 3.5 RC2

Firefox 3.5 RC2 baru saja direlease oleh Mozilla. Firefox rilis yang terbaru ini sedang disebarkan dan dapat didownload pada semua situs mirror Mozilla. Karena Firefox 3.5 RC2 belum tersedia untuk umum. Dari segi dasar tampilan belum terlalu banyak yang berubah dari Firefox 3.0.11, mungkin yang terlihat ada tambahan “New Tab” pada sudut sebelah kanan Tab .
Bagi anda yang ingin mencoba Firefox 3.5 RC2 sebelum dirilis Firefox 3.5 Final dapat mendownloadnya pada link download yang saya sediakan dibawah postingan. Dan yang harus diingat karena masih Release Candidate (RC) maka Add-ons belum dapat digunakan.
Firefox 3.5 (Release Candidate) is the seventh development milestone of Firefox 3.5, the next version of the Firefox web browser. While this release is considered to be stable, it is intended for developers and members of our testing community to use for early evaluation and feedback. Users of the latest released version of Firefox should not expect all of their add-ons to work properly with this milestone.
This is a release candidate for Firefox 3.5, the upcoming release of the Firefox web browser. Thank you for helping us test this preview of the latest and greatest version of Firefox before it is officially released to the public.

About This Release Candidate :

Firefox 3.5 (Release Candidate) is the seventh development milestone of Firefox 3.5, the next version of the Firefox web browser. While this release is considered to be stable, it is intended for developers and members of our testing community to use for early evaluation and feedback. Users of the latest released version of Firefox should not expect all of their add-ons to work properly with this milestone.

What’s New in Firefox 3.5 (Release Candidate) :

Firefox 3.5 (Release Candidate) is based on the Gecko 1.9.1 rendering platform, which has been under development for the past year. Firefox 3.5 offers many changes over the previous version, supporting new web technologies, improving performance and ease of use, and adding new features for users:

* This release candidate is now available in more than 70 languages - get your local version.
* Improved tools for controlling your private data, including a Private Browsing Mode.
* Better performance and stability with the new TraceMonkey JavaScript engine.
* The ability to provide Location Aware Browsing using web standards for geolocation.
* Support for native JSON, and web worker threads.
* Improvements to the Gecko layout engine, including speculative parsing for faster content rendering.
* Support for new web technologies such as: HTML5

Jumat, 26 Juni 2009

RevoUninstaler V.183

REVO Uninstaller adalah sebuah software yang membantu Anda untuk meng-uninstall perangkat lunak yang tidak diinginkan dan menghapus program yang diinstal pada komputer Anda, termasuk program yang tidak dapat dihapus melalui feature Menu Uninstall Progam pada Control Panel bawaan OS Windows. Revo Uninstaller dapat digunakan sebagai program alternatif yang lebih cepat dan lebih bagus dibandingkan dengan “Windows Add or Remove Programs” bawaan OS Windows.

REVO Uninstaller menganalisa sebuah data aplikasi sebelum uninstall dan selanjutnya melakukan scan setelah anda uninstall sebuah aplikasi. REVO Uninstaller ketika remove program, lengkap dengan menghapus data registry dan database yang terkait dengan software tersebut. Feature inilah salah satu yang menjadi andalan REVO Uninstaller. Jadi ketika kita melakukan remove sebuah program atau aplikasi pada PC maka akan benar-benar bersih.

REVO Uninstaller juga memiliki berbagai fungsi lainnya, tidak hanya mempunyai fungsi untuk membuang software ataupun aplikasi. Dengan program ini anda bisa mengatur Program pada Window Starup, menghapus history browser, menghapus temporary file dan masih banyak lainnya.

Here is the list of the tools and utilities included in Revo Uninstaller :

* Auto Start Manager
* Windows Tools Manager
* Junk Files Cleaner
* Browsers History Cleaner
* Office History Cleaner
* Windows History Cleaner
* Unrecoverable Delete Tool
* Evidence Remover

What’s new in Revo Uninstaller version 1.83 :

* Improved listing of the installed programs
* Improved support of multiple monitors
* Improved accuracy of the scanning for Registry leftover items after uninstall
* Improved “Exclude” list of the Junk Files Cleaner
* Fixed minor bugs
* Added new languages

REVO Uninstaller dapat digunakan pada OS WIndows : Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista dan Windows 7. Dan program ini bersifat Freeware

Silahkan Download disini:

Senin, 22 Juni 2009

Power DVD.Ultra.V8

Mo nyetel DVD lengkap denagn Fitur - fitur ajib ga usah ragu dah cobain nyang atu ni.....coba aja Download di gratissss......

Dwonload link:

Jumat, 19 Juni 2009

" Acronis Drive Cleanser V6.0.413 "

Acronis Drive Cleanser is a reliable mean of elimination of information on hard disks. The mass media and the Internet are full of stories about used computers being sold with hard disk drives containing confidential data banking account information, credit card numbers, social security data, human resource, accounting and other internal documents, or even restricted information concerning a company’s board of directors!

This confidential data should not only be safeguarded according to the strict rules, but it should also be reliably and completely destroyed when needed. You know you have deleted all the financial, corporate, and personal files, and even formatted and deleted hard disk partitions but are they really gone from the drive? The answer is NO!

Acronis® DriveCleanser® 6.0 ensures the complete destruction of data on selected partitions and/or entire disks. Acronis has a long history of supporting all Microsoft operating systems and now continues that tradition with full Microsoft Vista Support for Acronis® Drive Cleanser® 6.0!

Confidential information must not only be kept with the observance of strict rules but also reliably destroyed! Delete of files of data by facilities of the operating system, formatting of sections of hard disks and their delete does not guarantee impossibility of renewal of information the special programmatic or vehicle facilities.

Untuk Download silahkan copy linknya dibawah ini:

" DVD X Player 3.0 "

DVD X Player – player with built bypass regional protection, you can view any DVD discs with any area code. Circumvents RPC1/RPC2 Region Free, RCE Disc Region Free, Macrovision Free and Operation Free regional defense, pass FBI warning alerts. He has Russian interface.
Supported formats:
DVD-VideoVCD/SVCD, MPEG Audio Layer-3 (MP3), RM, QuickTime, Windows Media Audio (WMA), WMV, Windows Media Video High Definition (WMV-HD), AIFF / AU / SND / WAV / MIDI, Video Object File (VOB), VCD / SVCD, DAT, MPG, HD-Video, MPEG-2 / 1 Video.

There is support for zoom and 16:9, 4:3, Letter-Boxed, Pan & Scan video, viewing images in a slideshow with over 50 transition effects, and show off the screen and WEBCAM DV video with the function of adjusting colors, support for DTS 5.1 Digital Surround Audio , Dolby, Dolby Pro-Logic I / II, Dolby Digital 5.1 – AC3, support 24/96 LPCM audio output, 5.1/6.1/7.1 Surround Audio.

Untuk Download silahkan copy link dibawah ini:

" Yahoo Messengger 9.0.0 2161 "

Yahoo Messenger sebagai salah satu layanan Instant Messaging yang paling popular dan paling banyak digunakan didunia kembali merilis versi baru : Yahoo! Messenger . Pada versi ini terdapat beberapa perbaikan dan lebih baik dari versi sebelumnya. Untuk yang belum melakukan update pada YM bisa melakukan upgrade ke versi baru ini dengan mendownload file offline installer dibawah postingan.

Yahoo! Messenger is a popular instant messaging client and protocol provided by Yahoo. Yahoo! Messenger is provided free of charge and can be downloaded and used with a generic “Yahoo! ID” which also allows access to other Yahoo! services, such as Yahoo! Mail, where users can be automatically notified when they receive new email.

Yahoo! offers PC to PC telephone, file transfers, webcam hosting, text messaging service, and chat rooms in various categories. In addition to instant messaging features similar to those offered by ICQ, it also offers (on Microsoft Windows) many unique features such as: IMVironments (customizing the look of Instant Message windows), address-book integration and Custom Status Messages. It was also the first major IM client to feature BUZZing and music-status. Another recently added feature is customized avatars.

Entertainment :

* Photo Sharing. Drag-and-drop photos into your IM windows and talk about them like you’re there.
* LAUNCHcast Radio. Make your own radio station and listen to music you like!
* Yahoo! Games. Right in your IM window, challenge friends to a game of backgammon or pool while you catch up.
* IMVironments. Use interactive themed backgrounds in your IMs.


* IM Windows Live™ Messenger friends - New! Share IMs (and more), plus see them on your Messenger List.
* Yahoo! Calendar. Stay organized and get calendar alerts.
* Contact Search Bar. Quickly find a contact to IM, call, SMS and more.
* Find, Add, Share Friends. Easily get connected with the people who matter most.
* Yahoo! Search. Find what you need right from your IM window.
* File Transfer. Share files with friends instantly.
* Address Book. Synchronize all your contact information.
* Stealth Settings. Make yourself appear online to some and offline to others.


* Plug-ins - New! Add content, services and games to Messenger.
* Sound effects - New! Play fun sounds or a song during PC calls.
* Audibles. Let these animated characters say it out loud for you!
* Emoticons. Express your feelings with these animated smiling faces.
* Yahoo! Avatars. Represent yourself with a stylized graphical image.
* Display Images. Select an image to represent yourself to your friends.
* Skins. Select new visual designs or disable them altogether.


* Chat Rooms. Join a live, group chat room to discuss a variety of topics.
* Make Calls From Your PC. Make free worldwide PC-to-PC calls, plus free voice mail.
* PC-to-Phone Calls* - New! Call regular and mobile phones for as low as 1¢/min.
* Phone-to-PC Calls* - New! Get a phone number for your PC so friends can call you.
* Connect on Yahoo! 360° - New! Stay up to date with friends’ blogs, photos, and more.
* Take Yahoo! with You. Send and receive IMs on your mobile phone.
* Webcam. Share live video with friends and family around the world.
* Conference. Exchange text messages with multiple people in one IM.

NEW in Yahoo! Messenger 9

* Your friends come first. Enjoy a fun new look, with more room for friends’ images, info, updates.
* Express your true self. Add your personality with new Emoticons, plus new skins.
* Share your passions. Use Flickr to swap photos (and always keep all your friends in the picture).

Untuk Download copy link dibawah ini:

" Auto Shutdown Genius 2.2 "

With Auto Shutdown Genius, you can automatically shutdown, power off, log off, lock workstation, hibernate, stand by or screen save your computers at schedule date and time, when the computer is idle or when excessive CPU usage. Auto Shutdown Genius gives you different ways to schedule the shutdown events, such as daily, weekly, only once, the computer idle and CPU usage. During the shutdown, it can clean up recycle bin, temporary files, IE cache, IE cookies, IE history and recent document list to improve system performance and protect your privacy.

The main program is a windows service. It can be started without the user having to login to the machine and it won’t die after the user logs off. This feature is very useful and powerful for server manager and network administrator.

Note : The program needs to be run as administrator. If you work on the Vista platform, Please login as administrator user first and install it.

Copy linknya Disini:

Kamis, 18 Juni 2009

" AVAST anti virus_2009 "

Complete ICSA certified antivirus package for small office, home office - SOHO avast! Professional Edition is a complete ICSA certified antivirus package for small office home office use - SOHO. Protect your system and valuable data against computer viruses with Avast! Professional Edition.

avast! 4 Professional Edition is a collection of award winning, high-end technologies that work in perfect synergy, having one common goal: to protect your system and valuable data against computer viruses. It represents a best-in-class solution for any Windows-based workstation. This page demonstrates its most important features and provides links to further resources.

This product cannot be installed on a server operating system (Windows NT/2000/2003 Server families).

Here are some key features of “Avast! Professional Edition”:
Antivirus kernel
Automatic updates
Simple User Interface
PUSH updates
Enhanced User Interface
Virus Chest
Resident protection
System integration
Script blocker
Command-line scanner
P2P and IM Shields
Integrated Virus Cleaner
Network Shield
Support for 64-bit Windows
Web Shield

For a computer running Windows 95/98/Me: 486 Processor, 32MB RAM and 50MB of free hard disk space.
For a computer running Windows NT 4.0: 486 Processor, 24MB RAM and 50MB of free hard disk space and Service Pack 3 (or higher) installed
For a computer running Windows 2000/XP Workstation (Not Server): Pentium class Processor, 64MB RAM (128MB recommended) and 50 MB of free hard disk space
For a computer running Windows XP 64-bit Edition: An AMD Athlon64, Opteron or Intel EM64T-enabled Pentium 4 / Xeon processor, 128MB RAM (256MB recommended) and 50 MB of free hard disk space
For a computer running Windows Vista: Pentium 4 processor, 512MB RAM and 50 MB of free hard disk space
The program itself requires about 20MB of hard disk space; the remainder of the recommended space is reserved for the virus recovery database file and its index (VRDB, also known as the “integrity database” from the previous version).
A functional MS Internet Explorer 4 or higher is required for the program to work.

Silahkan Dwonload disini:

Selasa, 16 Juni 2009

" Data Doctor Recovery Pen Drive "

Memory stick data recovery utility is read-only software that recovers your data from inaccessible, formatted or undetectable USB pen drive. Safest data recovery software recovers and restores lost or missing files and folders enabling you to get back all your important lost data. Memory stick data recovery utility recovers files, folders, music, pictures, video, digital images, photos etc which is lost due to improper usage of drive, virus/worm attack, accidental corruption etc. Pen drive data retrieval software restore all bmp, mov, jpeg, tiff, mpeg, wav and all other files created by different application.
USB drive / Pen drive recovery software retrieve data lost due to quick format, damaged file system, Human errors, improper shutdown or any other type of software or hardware failure. The software is considered as the safest utility tool for the end user.

Features :

* Retrieves corrupted files and folders damaged due to human error or any virus generated data loss.
* Provides full data retrieval support both by Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh OSX.
* This utility is considered as the easiest data retrieval software to restore lost data, recover formatted or damaged files before you fix and repair your corrupted storage device.
* Support all type of memory stick including Apacer, Kingmax, Lexar, Kingston, Transcend, Nikon, Super Flash, Sony, Fujifilm, Corsair, Samsung etc.

To download the software Data Doctor Recovery Pen Drive v3.0.15 please click the link below :

Senin, 15 Juni 2009

" Alcohol Blu Ray "

" Auslogic Boost Speed v4 "

the ideal solution to keep your PC running faster, cleaner and error-free. This powerful optimization suite will boost Internet connections, tweak Windows to its peak performance, clean registry and block annoying ads. It’s a great way to keep your computer clean and optimized. AusLogics BoostSpeed - the ideal solution to keep your PC running faster, cleaner and error-free. This powerful optimization suite will boost Internet connections, tweak Windows to its peak performance, clean registry and block annoying ads. It’s a great way to keep your computer clean and optimized.

* Boost speed of your PC in just a few minutes
* Speed up Internet for faster browsing and downloads
* Clean the registry to make your computer more stable
* Clean the disks of your PC for higher system performance
* Boost programs such as MS Office, Media Player, etc.

Speed Up PC With BoostSpeed
Modify Windows settings, file system and services to greatly increase system performance. Increase startup and shutdown speed, disable annoying CD autorun and error reporting features. BoostSpeed will keep monitoring your system for possible optimizations and let you know if such optimizations are possible. You can also run the System Optimization Wizard to periodically optimize your PC.

Speed Up Internet
Adjust your PC for faster images, music and software downloads, increased browsing speed and reliable Internet connections. View your download speed and graphs. To gain additional performance boost you can also turn on DNS Optimization.

Block Banner Advertisements
Tired of annoying banner advertisements accompanying many web sites? Now you can eliminate advertisements and also speed up your Internet browsing with BoostSpeed Banner Killer! You can add your own web sites to the black list to block them from showing their advertisements.

Keep Disk and Registry Clean
Get rid of junk on the disks and registry of your PC. Remove hazardous and space-wasting files left by untidy programs and crashes of your system. Dramatically increase the performance of your PC by cleaning, optimizing and defragmenting local disks and registry.

Optimize Memory and Appearance
Badly written applications constantly steal memory without giving it back. That’s why your PC becomes unstable with time and you have to reboot. BoostSpeed automatically frees up computer memory to gain additional performance boost. You can also manually recover memory and clipboard.

Keep your PC fast and safe
BoostSpeed will detect most of the popular “PC-slowers” - bundle-software (such as eDonkey or Kazaa) which silently download malware and spyware to your computer, taking up internet traffic and slowing down the system. This will also keep your system safe from prying eyes of spyware programs.

Boost Software Products
BoostSpeed can improve performance of different software products, including Microsoft Office, Internet browsers (such as Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozzila), E-mail clients (Outlook, The Bat), MSN Messenger, ICQ, Media Player and others.

System Optimization Tools
Greatly increase your PC startup speed with Autorun Manager, where you can disable or remove the programs which try to load up when Windows starts up. Force-uninstall unwanted software products which take up space on your computer and slow it down.

Networks Tools
Keep your connection alive while you’re away, synchronize your computer clock with atomic clock over the Internet, lookup domain names and IP addresses, measure your Internet connection speed. Troubleshoot and improve your Internet connection and local network with an excellent selection of network management tools.

Compatible with Windows 98/ME/ 2000/XP/2003/Vista

Software ini disitus resminya dihargai sebesar $29.95,Miliki sekarang juga hanya di Full version.

Download disini:

" USB disk Security-v5.10.15 "

Kamis, 11 Juni 2009

" AKVIS Sketch "

Silahkan download disini :

" K-Lite Mega Codec "

Silahkan download disini :

Rabu, 10 Juni 2009

" Any DVD Converter "

silahkan Download disini:

" Google Earth 2009 "

silahkan Download disini:

" eBoostr "

eBoostr™, working as an alternative solution to ReadyBoost and SuperFetch technologies, implements a different advanced approach to use flash memory to speed up your computer. It speeds up your PC and improves application responsiveness by using flash memory and free RAM as an extra layer of performance-boosting cache for your PC. Use up to four inexpensive flash devices to speed up your system. Add more speed to your PC without any hardware upgrade!

Launch Your Favorite Applications Faster
Your most used applications starts fasterThe more often you use a particular application, the faster it’ll perform. eBoostr pro gathers statistics on what applications you use and how often, optimizing their performance by pre-caching their files and data and allowing faster access speed and reduced delays.

Boot and Work Faster
Slow hard drives is not a problem anymore eBoostr makes Windows load faster, significantly reducing the time your computer needs to boot.

No Hardware Upgrades
Support all types of USB thumb drivesNo need to disassemble your PC in order to upgrade its performance. eBoostr gives your PC a noticeable performance boost without costly hardware upgrades. Just plug one or more flash memory drives, install eBoostr and say “Yes” to speed up your computer.

Utilize Available RAM Better
Make use of all RAM availableeBoostr features a SuperFetch-like solution and makes use of the otherwise wasted free RAM to store frequently accessed files and data. Every time you launch you favorite application, it’ll load much faster because of the preloaded data in RAM. If your computer has over a gigabyte of memory, you’ll see a significant increase in speed and responsiveness.

Laptops Benefit More
Notebooks gain moreSpeed up your laptops even more! Upgrading a laptop is difficult and costly, but not with eBoostr. Notebook hard drives are slower than their desktop counterparts, thus they benefit more from the use of flash memory with eBoostr and reduced hard drive activities.

Save Battery Power
Battery saving modeWork longer with a battery. Less hard drive access results in reduced power consumption, which leads to improved battery life. Work faster and longer on your Windows XP laptop with eBoostr.

Features :

* Vista’s ReadyBoost and SuperFetch benefits on your Windows XP PC
* Smart caching of frequently used applications and files for maximum performance
* Supports both USB and non-USB removable media devices (CF, SD/SDHC, MMC, xD and other memory cards), as well as additional hard disks
* Allows up to 4 devices for simultaneous smart caching
* Cache file size of up to 4GB on each device (NTFS has no limit on the size)
* Compatible with all “Enhanced for ReadyBoost” devices

Silahkan Download disini:


Seperti yang kita ketahui pada OS Windows terdapat menu Uninstall Program pada Control Panel. Tapi feature default (bawaan) yang di miliki oleh windows ini belum sangat sempurna ketika membersihkan dan meremove sebuah software. Dan terkadang terdapat beberapa software atau program yang tidak dapat di hapus/remove melalui Control panel.

Your Uninstaller PRO 2008 (YU PRO 2008) adalah sebuah software Uninstaller yang handal dan bagus. Program ini dapat membuang software-software yang pernah kita install di PC kita secara complete dan benar-benar bersih. Untuk system kerjanya software ini juga terbilang cepat.

Dan Your Uninstaller PRO 2008 ketika remove program, lengkap dengan menghapus data registry dan database yang terkait dengan software tersebut. Feature inilah salah satu yang menjadi andalan YU PRO 2008. Jadi ketika kita me remove sebuah software akan benar-benar bersih.

Pada versi baru ini Your Uninstaller 2008 Pro v 6.2 sudah terdapat sebuah menu 1-Click Cleaning by Your Uninstaller! 2008 : Disk Cleaner makes it easy to find and remove unused files on your hardisk and remove them to sava space, clean system makes Windows Faster.

Softwares ini jika dari situs resminya dihargai dengan $39.99.Overview :

Your Uninstaller! is a complete solution for uninstallation tasks. Monitor, analysis, cleanup and rebuild. Makes your PC clean and stable. With advanced uninstall scripts, Your Uninstaller! can solve most uninstall problems.

As the industry’s leading uninstaller program, world’s the 1st Drag&Uninstall™ uninstaller under the Windows platform, using Your Uninstaller! has never been this easy. Imagine! Just a drag-drop and the unwanted program will be completely removed - no any trace left!

Key features :

* Fix invalid uninstallations in one click.
* Full system scan after a program being uninstalled for complete removal.
* Force removal of a program.
* Keep system stable and clean with various system tools.
* Easy to Use. No expert knowledge required.
* Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 Compatible.
* Safe and Trusted.

Petunjuk Install YU PRO 2008 :

* Lakukan installasi pada file YU2008Setup6.2.1347.exe yang sudah anda download di situs ini
* Ketika selesai, tutup kembali software Your Uninstaller PRO 2008 ini.
* Copy file Patch.exe ke direktori dimana anda install YU Pro ; C:\Program Files\Your Uninstaller 2008 dan jalankan file tersebut. Setelah selesai anda bisa menghapus file tersebut.
* Gunakan file KeyMaker.exe untuk mendapatkan data registrasi.
* Lalu buka dan jalankan YU Pro 2008
* Masuk ke menu > help > enter code
* Masukkan data regristasi yang sebelumnya telah kita dapatkan

Completely Uninstall :

Your Uninstaller! completely takes the place of Windows Add/Remove program, while offering you many more features. Your Uninstaller can list “hidden” programs that you can’t view using the Windows Add/Remove program. The standard Add/Remove program often can’t uninstall applications completely-leaving broken registry keys and unused files on the hard disk. Big registries and large numbers of unnecessary files make system slow. Your Uninstaller! clears broken keys and files in seconds using SmartUninstall™!

Software ini kayanya juga wajib dimiliki oleh setiap pengguna komputer. Apalagi yang suka dan hobby dengan gonta ganti softwares. Ukuran file program ini juga kecil yaitu 3.64 MB.

Silahkan Download disini:

" Avira Premium Suite 9.00.355 "

Avira presents the Premium Security Suite with Full protection : Includes basic and advanced anti virus protection, email protection, AntiPhishing, Anti Spyware and Anti Adware PLUS : Anti Spam, Firewall, WebGuard (Safe Surfing), Game Mode and more.! Complete security for workstations! The repeatedly awarded and worldwide used virus and malware protection by over 30 million users now also with WebGuard!

Avira is a German antivirus software company. Its antivirus applications are based on the AntiVir antivirus engine, first launched in 1988. It was called “H+BEDV Datentechnik GmbH” when it was founded. One of the antivirus software, AntiVir Personal, is free for personal usage. Avira is launching a new, comprehensive protection package for end-users as well as small offices and home workers: the Avira Premium Security Suite is a combination of Avira’s brand-new firewall and the proven anti-virus software AntiVir Personal Premium. Even less experienced users can cope with the numerous security threats from the Internet with the central, intuitively operated user interface of the Suite.

Premium Security Protection :

* AntiVir
* AntiAd/Spyware
* AntiPhishing
* AntiRootkit
* AntiDrive-by
* AntiBot
* EmailScanner
* WebGuard
* RescueSystem
* BackupSystem
* AntiSpam
* FireWall
* GameMode

Highlights from the WebGuard :

* Checks Internet downloads against viruses
* Recognizes defective files before they are loaded on your computer
* Affected websites can be blocked, isolated or ignored
* Specific files and URLs can be excluded from the examination
* Works independently from the browser you are using
* Premium Security Suite functions and advantages :
* Protection against viruses, worms and Trojans
* Protection against expensive dialers
* Detects and deletes rootkits
* NEW : Raised scan speed
* NEW : Redesigned visual appearance
* NEW : System to create a Rescue-CD
* NEW : Function for Data Back U
* Protection against phishing
* Protection against spyware
* Special protection against email viruses (POP 3)
* Fast updates through Premium Server
* 5 Euro donation to Auerbach Foundation
* Protection against annoying adware
* WebGuard to surf and download safely
* Firewall included
* AntiSpam and proactive AntiPhishing
* Game Mode

Operating system : Windows 2000 (SP 4 recommended) / Windows XP and XP 64 Bit (SP 2 recommended) / Windows Vista 32 Bit and 64 Bit
Download disini:

" Cool Burning Studio 3.1 "

Silahkan Download disini

" Internet Download Manager "

Internet Download Manager kembali melakukan update versi yang baru : IDM 5.17 Build 5 Final. Sehingga untuk sementara IDM telah melakukan beberapa kali update pada versi 5.17 dari Build 2 sampai saat ini Build 5. Tentu update ini dilakukan memperbaiki dan meningkatkan kinerja Program Internet Download Manager ini.

Internet Download Manager merupakan sebuah pilihan yang sangat tepat sebagai Download Accelerator dan Download Manager, karena dapat meningkatkan kecepatan download.

Jika kita selama ini sudah terbiasa menjadikan IDM sebagai Download Manager, maka rasanya kita perlu untuk melakukan update. Untuk yang belum mempunyai IDM bisa menggunakan software ini sebagai download manager. Karena bisa meningkatkan kecepatan download ketika anda mengunduh suatu file di internet

Internet Download Manager 5.17 has a smart download logic accelerator that features intelligent dynamic file segmentation and safe multipart downloading technology to accelerate your downloads. Unlike other download accelerators and managers that segment files before downloading starts, Internet Download Manager segments downloaded files dynamically during download process. Internet Download Manager reuses available connections without additional connect and login stages to achieve better acceleration performance.

Internet Download Manager supports proxy servers, ftp and http protocols, firewalls, redirects, cookies, authorization, MP3 audio and MPEG video content processing. IDM integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, MSN Explorer, AOL, Opera, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Firebird, Avant Browser, MyIE2, and all other popular browsers to automatically handle your downloads. You can also drag and drop files, or use Internet Download Manager from command line. Internet Download Manager can dial your modem at the set time, download the files you want, then hang up or even shut down your computer when it’s done.

Beberapa Feature yang ditambahkan pada versi IDM 5.17 :

* Completely remade the logic of download resume feature and added the possibility to resume downloads for sites that use temporary download addresses or when download addresses expire
* Added the possibility to select a queue when you press on OK button on “Download all links with IDM” dialog and when you press on “Download Later” button on “Download file info” (start download) dialog
* Added a link to the page where download was taken over from a browser to “File Properties” dialog
* Made many other small improvements and fixed all known bugs

What’s new in version 5.17 Build 5:

* Fixed a bug with NTLM authorization and several others
* Fixed a critical bug with downloading files over 4GB
* Improved media file recognition in web players in IE
* We have added these features in response to IDM user requests.
* Added “Add batch download from clipboard” menu item to “Tasks” menu

Petunjuk Install IDM 5.17 Final :

* Download dan ekstrak IDM v 5.17
* Lakukan proses installasi pada file idman517.exe
* Jika sebelumnya sudah terinstall IDM versi lama bisa menimpa dan melanjutkan installasi dengan file installer IDM yang baru
* Setelah proses installasi selesai, gunakan file yang terdapat didalam folder Patch agar IDM 5.16 menjadi Full Version
* Selanjutnya jalankan file Patch 5.xx (2008-12-06).exe
* Finished

download disini

" Portable PDF Converter "

Download disini http:

" WinRAR.3.90.Beta1 "

" Mempercepat Windows XP " (part3)

Sebenarnya banyak cara/tips untuk meningkatkan kinerja Windows, bisa dilakukan secara software maupu hardware. Yang akan dibahas disini adalah meningkatkan kinerja Windows (secara software) dengan 3 langkah sederhana.
1. Mengatur Seting “Performance Options”
Klik kanan My Computer pilih tab Advanced dan Klik Setting pada bagian Performance
Agar komputer berkerja lebih cepat, maka bisa dipilih Adjust for best performance, tetapi jika ingin tetap menggunakan tampilan XP, pilih saja (beri tanda cek) pada pilihan :
· Use visual styles on windows and buttons
· Smooth edges of screen fonts
· Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop (jika icon desktop diaktifkan)
Animasi lainnya tidak begitu penting, jadi di hilangkan tanda cek-nya.
2. Mengatur aplikasi yang berjalan dengan windows
Ini mungkin akan banyak berpengaruh ke kinerja dan penggunaan Memori. Sebagian pengguna tidak begitu memperhatikan apa saja aplikasi yang otomatis berjalan bersama windows ketika start up. Padahal banyak aplikasi yang tidak penting, tetapi selalu berjalan di backround, sehingga ikut memakan Memory (RAM) komputer dan kadang memperberat kinerja.
Jika anda menggunakan laptop, maka biasanya aplikasi yang otomatis berjalan dengan windows akan semakin banyak. Salah satu indikasinya adalah banyaknya icon yang ada di sistem tray. Bagaimana mengatur dan memeriksa aplikasi-aplikasi yang berjalan dengan windwos ini ?
Cara paling mudah dan disarankan adalah menggunakan software gratis Autorun, bisa di download di atau Download langsung (zip) Autorun

Selain ukuran yang kecil, software ini bersifat portable. Tetapi mungkin ini adalah aplikasi autorun terbaik yang ada selama ini. Setelah di download, jalankan dan pilih tab Logon. Nah daftar yang ditampilkan adalah daftar aplikasi yang otomatis berjalan bersama windows. Hilangkan tanda cek agar aplikasi tidak otomatis berjalan.
Aplikasi yang tidak penting misalnya fasilitas auto update / registration dari program-program seperti Printer, Adobe acrobat, CorelDraw dan lainnya. Selain itu berikut beberapa aplikasi yang sering ikut berjalan bersama windows, tetapi tidak begitu penting :
· Adobe Acrobat SpeedLauncher
· Alcmtr ( Realtek Azalia Audio - Event Monitor)
· EPSON Status Monitor ( jika menggunakan printer lain, seperti HP, Canon dan lainnya biasanya juga ada )
· RTHDCPL (Realtek HD Audio Control Panel)
· Skytel (Realtek Voice Manager)
· SunJavaUpdSched ( Java(TM) Platform SE binary)
· dan lain-lainnya
Tip ini seharusnya juga akan mempercepat proses booting komputer. Jika masih lambat, coba baga juga artikel Tips mengatasi booting/loading komputer yang lambat
Perhatian..!! Jangan menghilangkan tanda chek (centang) di 2 komponen yang berada atas, yaitu userinit.exe dan explorer.exe, karena bisa menyebabkan windows tidak ada bisa masuk (login).. Jika hal ini terjadi, maka ketika booting (setelah restart) tekan-tekan tombol F8 sampai muncul pilihan booting, untuk selanjutnya pilih Safe Mode. Kemudian login dengan user seperti yang dipakai sebelumnya. Setelah masuk safe Mode, buka/jalankan Autoruns dan aktifkan kembali 2 komponen diatas, kemudian restart ulang.
3. Mematikan Indexing Service
Indexing service merupakan fasilitas windows untuk membuat dan mengupdate index file/folder secara berkala, sehingga ketika menggunakan fasilitas Search di explorer, maka pencarian bisa lebih cepat. Kadang fitur ini sering membuat kinerja PC menjadi lambat, apalagi jika jarang menggunakan fasilitas Search/Find. Untuk menon aktifkannya melalui langkah berikut :
1. Buka Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs
2. Pilih Add/ Remove Windows Components
3. Hlangkan tanda cek pada Indexing Service klik saja next
4. Tunggu proses sampai selesai
Yang jelas maih banyak tips yang lain untuk meningkatkan kinerja windows [XP], tetapi minimal dengan dua langkah pertama tersebut, akan terasa perbedaannya

" Mempercepat Windows XP "

Satu Lagi Tips Untuk Mempercepat Windows Xp Anda
Filed Under Tips And Tricks

Berikut trik-trik untuk mempercepat Windows XP, efektifitas trik-trik ini mungkin berbeda2, tip-tip berikut mungkin bisa membuat komputer anda tidak stabil. maka. PROCEED WITH CAUTION. Juga jangan lupa lakukan backup registry sebelum tweaking.

1. Mendisable Service Windows yg tidak diperlukan.
Karena windows ditujukan untuk berbagai user dan tugas, maka windows membuat service yg sebenarnya tidak tidak terlalu diperlukan. Service2 berikut ini seringkali memakan resouce yg tidak sedikit, dengan mendisable (me-non-aktif-kan) maka komputer kita bisa mendapatkan sedikit boost karenanya.


* Alerter
* Clipbook
* Computer Browser
* Distributed Link Tracking Client
* Fast User Switching
* Help and Support - (Jika anda mengunakan windows help, maka langkah ini diskip aja)
* Human Interface Access Devices
* Indexing Service
* IPSEC Services
* Messenger
* Netmeeting Remote Desktop Sharing
* Portable Media Serial Number
* Remote Desktop Help Session Manager
* Remote Procedure Call Locator
* Remote Registry
* Remote Registry Service
* Secondary Logon
* Routing & Remote Access
* Server
* Telnet
* TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper
* Upload Manager
* Universal Plug and Play Device Host
* Wireless Zero Configuration -(Jangan didisable jika anda mengunakan Wireless)
* Workstation

Cara mendisable service diatas:

1. Klik start>Run>ketik “services.msc”
2. Dobel klik service yg hendak diubah
3. Ubah startup type menjadi ‘Disable”

2. Matikan System restore
System restore bisa bermanfaat jika komputer bermasalah, akan tetapi semua restore point yg disimpan bisa memakan ruangan yg cukup besar di harddisk. System restore membebani karena selalu memonitor sistem, dengan mendisable system restore maka sebagian resorce bisa dialokasikan untuk hal yg lain.

1. Buka Control Panel
2. Klik Performance and Maintenance
3. Klik System
4. Klik System Restore tab
5. Klik ‘Turn off System Restore on All Drives’
6. Klik ‘Ok’

3. Defrag Pagefile
Keeping your pagefile defragmented can provide a major performance boost. One of the best ways of doing this is to creat a separate partition on your hard drive just for your page file, so that it doesn’t get impacted by normal disk usage. Another way of keeping your pagefile defragmented is to run PageDefrag. This cool little app can be used to defrag your pagefile, and can also be set to defrag the pagefile everytime your PC starts. To install:

1. Download and Run PageDefrag,
2. kasih centang pada “Defrag at next Reboot”,
3. Klik OK
4. Reboot

4. Mempercepat akses Folder - dengan mendisable Last Access Update.

Jika anda memiliki banyak folder dan subdirectories, maka akses ke Direktory2 Windows XP terasa sangat berat dan seringkali cuman membuang waktu. Dengan mengupdate time stamp di registry, yaitu last access update untuk semua sub directory. Proceed with caution: Langkah berikut bukan untuk N00bie

1. Start>Run>regedit
2. “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Contr ol\FileSystem”
3. Klik kanan di bagian yg kan (cari area yg kosong), lalu pilih ‘DWORD Value’
4. Bikin DWORD Value dengan nama ‘NtfsDisableLastAccessUpdate’
5. Klik kanan pada value baru terus pilih ‘Modify’
6. Ubah data menjadi ‘1'
7. Klik ‘OK’

5. Me-non-aktifkan Microsoft System Sounds
Secara default MS sound systems membuat komputer berbunyi/bersuara ketika booting awal, shutdown, error, dll. Skenario suara windows jelas2 membuat komputer lebih lambat (terutama dalam waktu shutdown dan booting awal), untuk me-non-aktifkan silahkan ikuti langkah berikut:
1. Buka Control Panel
2. Klik Sounds and Audio Devices
3. Klik tab Sounds
4. Pilih “No Sounds” dari Sound Scheme
5. Klik “No”
7. Klik “Apply”
8. Klik “OK”

6. Mempercepat waktu Boot
Fitur yg lumayan asik dari Windows XP adalah kemampuan untuk mendefrag ketika ada dalam proses booting. Boot Defrag pada prinsip menata file2 yg relevan dengan booting secara berurutan. Secara default fitur ini telah diaktifkan pada beberapa Build Windows, tapi beberapa build windows tidak, ada baiknya kalo kita cross check terhadap fiotur yg satu ini.
1. Start Menu>Run
2. Regedit
3. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Dfrg\BootOpt imizeFunction
4. Cari “Enable” dibagian kanan regedit
5. Klik “Modify”
6. Pilih “Y to enable”
7. Reboot

Bootvis juga bisa dicoba, untuk memangkas waktu boot dengan manufer yg manis.

7. Mempercepat Performa Swapfile
Jika anda memiliki ram lebih besar dari 256MB bisa dibilang tweaking yg ini akan membuat sistem anda berjalan lebih cepat. Tweaking ini pada dasarnya PC kita mengunakan setiap byte dari memori fisik yg terpasang di komputer kita, SEBELUM mengunakan swap file.
1. Start>Run
2. “msconfig.exe”>ok
3. Klik tab System.ini
4. Klik tanda plus pada tab 386enh
5. Klik kotak new kemudian ketik “ConservativeSwapfileUsage=1?
6. Klik OK
7. Restart

8. Mempercepat Loading Windows Menu
Tweak ini adalah tweaking fav saya, karena akan komputer kita terasa lebih cepat. Tweaking ini membuang waktu delay ketika kita mengklik menu dan windows XP menampakkan Menu.
1. Start>Run
2. Regedit>Ok
3. “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\”
4. Pilih/Sorot “MenuShowDelay”
5. Klik kanan dan pilih “Modify’
6. Ketik angka “100?
Angka 50-150 adalah kisaran yg baik, bisa disesuaikan dengan Mood anda

9. Mempercepat Loading Program.
Tweaking ini bisa berjalan untuk sebagian besar program. Jika program tidak mau loading seperti yg diharapkan, silahkan aja dikembalikan ke setting semula.
1. Klik kanan pada icon/shortcut yg berkaitan dengan program.
2. properties
3. Pada kotak ‘target’, tambahkan ‘ /prefetch:1' diakhir kalimat.
4. Klik “Ok”
gampang kan, Program akan loading lebih cepat.

10. Mempercepat Shutdown Windows XP.
Tweaking ini mengurangi waktu tunggu secara otomatis ketika windows sudah menerima instruksi untuk shutdown.
1. Start>Run
2. ‘Regedit’>OK
3. ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\’
4. Sorot ‘WaitToKillAppTimeout’
5. Klik kanan dan pilih modify
6. Ubah value menjadi ‘1000'
7. Klik ‘OK’
8. Sorot ‘HungAppTimeout’
9. Klik kanan dan pilih modify
10. Ubah value menjadi ‘1000'
11. Klik ‘OK’
12. ‘HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop’ sorot WaitToKillAppTimeout’
13. Klik kanan dan pilih modify
15. Ubah value ke ‘1000'
16. Klik ‘OK’
17. ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Contr ol\’ sorot ‘WaitToKillServiceTimeout’
19. Klik kanan dan pilih modify
20. Ubah value menjadi ‘1000'
21. Klik ‘OK’

" Mempercepat BOOT Windows XP "

Mempercepat Boot Windows Xp
Filed Under Tips And Tricks

Windows xp semakin lama dan semakin banyak kita instal aplikasi maka kejadiannya akan semakon lemot. Kejadian ini terinspirasi dari komputer yang sudah sekian lama menemaniku dalam browesing dan mencari cari. suatu hari yaitu hari ini komputer lemotnya minta ampun. dan segeralah minta petunjuk sama simabhanya internet siapa lagi klo bukan mbak google. inilah solusinya untuk mempercepat booting windows xp.


1. Buka notepad.exe, dan tulis:

del c:\windows\prefetch\ntosboot-*.* /q

Save file tersebut, misal dengan nama ?ntosboot.bat? dan simpan di c:\

2. Klik tombol START > RUN dan tuliskan ?gpedit.msc?.

3. Dobel klik ?Windows Settings? di bawah ?Computer Configuration? dan dobel klik lagi pada ?Shutdown? di sebelah kanan jendela.

4. Pada jendela baru, klik ?add?, ?Browse?, cari file ?ntosboot.bat? tadi & klik ?Open?.

5. Klik ?OK?, ?Apply? & ?OK? sekali lagi untuk keluar.

6. Selanjutanya klik tombol START > RUN ketik ?devmgmt.msc?.

7. Double klik pada ?IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers?

8. Klik kanan pada ?Primary IDE Channel? dan pilih ?Properties?.

9. Pilih tab ?Advanced Settings? lihat pada Device 1 yang tidak diwarnai abu-abu ?device type? -nya pilih ?none? bukan yang ?autodetect? & klik ?OK?.

10. Klik kanan pada ?Secondary IDE channel?, pilih ?Properties? dan ulangi langkah nomer 9.

11. Restart komputer Anda untuk mengetahui perubahannya.

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" Serial Key 2 "

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Win 95 35695-OEM-0008411- 93110
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WIN97P 19797-0002397- 12345
Win 98 K4HVD-Q9TJ9- 6CRX9-C9G68- RQ2D3
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Microsoft Microsoft Office 2007 enterprise german 2007 S/N: KGFVY-7733B- 8WCK9-KTG64- BC7D8

Firetrust Mailwasher Pro 5.3 S/N: MTI4Oj9Sw9ZJQ2nY0Bp pZ4XYnfq6lI+ APqSvqvj+ AC1H0HEY5CJJZm7E SlpMsEXM0If2SyqC FsWR4W8w2rK0nrBg IWVAXAPo1xmV+ BjF1VdZYnfrklm6h 788lvJLHqkVW2ilE FdEQA9xeD9ovQAR0 SXyZxoFFcpnZMF9m 8oJc7mOlURVOzk6c 3RydWN0dmVyOzE6M Ts2Om8tc2FsdDs4O jI4ZDU1YWRkOzQ6b mFtZTsxNTpQYXVsI EVzY2hiYWN

Firetrust Mailwasher 5.3 S/N: MTI4Oj9Sw9ZJQ2nY0Bp pZ4XYnfq6lI+ APqSvqvj+ AC1H0HEY5CJJZm7E SlpMsEXM0If2SyqC FsWR4W8w2rK0nrBg IWVAXAPo1xmV+ BjF1VdZYnfrklm6h 788lvJLHqkVW2ilE FdEQA9xeD9ovQAR0 SXyZxoFFcpnZMF9m 8oJc7mOlURVOzk6c 3RydWN0dmVyOzE6M Ts2Om8tc2FsdDs4O jI4ZDU1YWRkOzQ6b mFtZTsxNTpQYXVsI EVzY2hiYWN

Grisoft AVG 7.5Internet Security Serial Feb 2007 7.5 S/N: 75I-TH1R11-P06- C01-S2AL7G- DP7-5RFV

Uploaded Name:gisoft !! Real name is Grisoft, very sorry for wrong typing Gubben
Grisoft AVG 7.5Internet Security Serial Feb 2007 7.5 Name: Internet Security
Serial Feb 2007
S/N: 75I-TH1R11-P06- C01-S2AL7G- DP7-5RFV

UniBlue SpeedUpMy3.0 S/N: 00XHEH-M5TY2P- QEZJWB-V8UUHN

http://www.liutilit /campaigns/ ppc/sp/gog/ ?engine=adwords! 7175&keyword=%28speedupm ypc%29&match_type=&gclid=CI75m7fqmIsCF RPdPgodSQuIDQ
Roxio Toast Titanium 80.1 S/N: 00-6Y7LN-B90U8- 908RV

Ahead Nero S/N: 1C82-0000-19E5- MAAX-4002- 2881-KM22


TuneUp TuneUp 2007 2007 S/N: Name: smmovi
Corparation/ Firma: smmovi

THCQ Supreme Commander 1.0 S/N: SR9H-WXZb-DR6X- C4GS-X1VB

On the GO Soft Passport Photo 1.5.2_nt_5 Name: http://www.onthegos download. htm
S/N: PB2fe5c429

EA Command And Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars Kane Edition 1.0 S/N: QX5M-85R6-V1B1- J2M2-1911/
IXFX-NRN7-U3R7- 35A0-1911

sdfvsdfg maya 8,5 Name: fdgdgdf
S/N: MUK070-O-8868- 6368-5428- 5625-7889

Inicom FlashFXP 3.4 Name: ACME LABS
S/N: FLASHFXPQUNNRTA3ugA AAACtW5MNJwXnsl7 3nZlbtQgcBJraVoQ tY4MYuOMWERAAQQZ Y+cXSZ0EAkQyj6kk LIEHDaQIKhs3ZfP9 Ls54XBA7/ gQCF7el7iEIINMXz IwtZTMZSLutP74Ww rlLm+9PnW3njFlGL ox2gyWBAWuCpFg/ p6do9Eaj20M7yF3J hxhI40h7sv4bU+ iBeXrZLZA7ebz9xX jwPItqVocdTztbza NfHOWd+Kb84wcptC s==

FileMaker, Inc. FileMaker Pro Advanced 8.5 S/N: 36F34-69C76- E4934-8BF70- 0A54A-8FDD3- A6C11

EA-Games Command and Conquer 3 - Tiberium Wars Cnc3 v1 S/N: NTEW-DXD7-T3S5- B1A5-M3Q0
/ AB3K-T7EY-K0H6- B4M7-O6O7 / S34U-S6GN-O3E2- 52A4-P2G8 / ADUC-RTBJ-S6K8- S6U8-Y1A5
/ QYH9-FUQX-Y0C2- M3F5-V0B0 / KAFF-EDVY-H2R8- A5E6-F4B8 / GRL4-PUVZ-K8K1- 32V7-T8J8
/ NTWN-45TL-G6I1- D3Q5-H0B7 / IG4C-E8AS-M6V1- B8S2-B5Y3 /

Xilisoft Xilisoft 3gp video converter 3.1 S/N: S/N: Name: Free Verion
S/N: 1112223334445111222 3972F-7B4D- 6915-3C02

slysoft AnyDVD & AnyDVD HD S/N: REGEDIT4

[HKEY_LOCAL_ MACHINE\Software \SlySoft\ AnyDVD\Key]
"Key"="0fw97UItd8HR Wy9tYnIwJQiaPoCm hpIZ4f5fUEfYBZU7 mZbNkQTIjPx5+ WtSpRbnZTOH2AzcI lSo5TgvyPsrbBEmQ s8vOLL3loL6QZ4M0 LyjHU1plK0mHFJC8 2zdM8OwEfep4w8i5 tkgyfi1v7igWSiaa NWWTnt20K/ dtWdIgbE7yW0ZsaQ OsPrkG4

http://www.slysoft. com/de/ EA Games The sims 2 seasons 1.0 Name: EA Games
S/N: 252A-PPWQ-X2AZ- ZX22-5RLD

new working serial for the sims 2 seasons
Smart Projects ISOBuster 2.0 S/N: Email address : tronicer@msfirefox. com
Serial: 0F0481E0-7373EEEE- 78C5F9AD- 15978297- F7F738CF- 42942B01- A7A24181
Email address : tronicer@msfirefox. com
Serial: 0F0481E0-7373EEEE- 78C5F9AD- 15978297- F7F738CF- 42942B01- A7A24181

ELBY Clone CD Version 4 S/N: 236832-3271680443- 1009530217

Authorization number: 5138113-425818- 5137272 Google sketchup Pro 6.0 Name:
S/N: S/N: KA-661-30165886- AAC

xltek AVG Antivirus 7.5 S/N: 70-THXMV1-PL- C21-SM2ZG- SKU-N3KV

70-THXMV1-P4- C21-S324C- 2AM-KWQF


70-THXMV1-P7- C21-SDP5S- ZU6-4NNI



70-TTSOA-P4- C01-X00-S12485- 1K1

THQ Titan Quest Immortal Throne release S/N: A823-CD0F-F249- AFE7-4ED6

? Supreme Commander ? S/N: SR9H-WXZb-DR6X- C4GS-X1VB

Microsoft Windows XP Professional Volume License S/N: V2C47-MK7JD- 3R89F-D2KXW- VPK3J

none Amust Registry Cleaner 3.5 Name: REVENGE CREW
S/N: fe38ab6fffa6d3423b9 63a64ebe2a62bdcc c3e

n/a FlashFXP 3.4.0 S/N: FLASHFXPvwCYA16pvwA AAAC2WpcNKwTnwbv eeFsasruCD7nT
NEqX/qsvG2UWCyyzmq8 cYPqQAZVLclU3WLP 9a1BBDpcCDPBi37
v4mlDCL0hAL/ D+yVcY1xiEyEGWJ9 msVQ9BN1PN8n9o5T txNH6G
PsKd1655TdjSJqvksIQ fOMeVcG/KngWSJxp EAqPTLU0kJSkjKkt d
vdUni+hN2AQVCxco22m /XzEyVMSz34G2eBU 55WXffnsVnfO

qewqe windows 10 S/N: qqq

shole ENT modisa workout plan 1.03 Name: skueeza
S/N: 86758-26374- 37485-21931

it's danm good!

SEGA Medieval 2 - Total War II S/N: S3U6-W8R9-D26N- X34L

Microsoft Expression Web 2007 S/N: DDWJC-VFGHJ- 7GFK6-9QK3D- PFTHW

Genie-Soft Genie Backup Manager Pro S/N: GMP7-EBD9BC- 0EDE46-E58CF0

Microsoft Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2003 S/N: H9WFF-BVJ3T- 2KHD9-HBP77- 7P46B

Lexware Lexware Buchhalter 2007 V. 12.00 S/N: 1234

HDR Soft Photomatix Pro 2.3.3 Name: www.serials. ws
S/N: N35M-6566-34K6- 5TR6

pj memories on tv 3.1.7 S/N: 3

Mrk Tune Up Utilities 2007 6.0.1255.0 Name: Blog
S/N: Nombre: Blog
Compañía: MrK

Xilisoft 3Gp Video Converter Name: Kann mann sich selber
S/N: 5847-2238-4498- 9501-1BD6- 500A-5402- A303

jahamuha1 jahamuha1 11.5 S/N: 7455.9800.2153. 2231

123 pctex PCtex 5.1 S/N: NSTLF-5RP5T- TLFDY-AXTB4- TLJ6Z

Microsoft Microsoft Windows Vista 32bits Ultimate French S/N: VMCB9-FDRV6- 6CDQM-RV23K- RP8F7

Borland C++ Builder 6.0 Personal Version S/N: S/N: r4?7-ge42u-n5? 3e
Key: bws-q5q

Savard Software TurboLaunch 5.0.10 S/N: Name : Sezgin Mutlu
Serial: 2241W5-GYJAGX- C2QJK8

Adobe Adobe Photoshp CS 2 9.0 S/N: 1045-1085-7167- 5719-7396- 8193

Microsoft Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Enterprise edition 2005 S/N: KGR3T-F2C2T- RRTGT-D6DQT- QBBB3

iTinySoft Total Video Converter 3.01 S/N: 0ab52023-ba00347e- 9fa86acd- fdc330a9- 68578b7e- 264b81e1- 30bdfeef- cea403fa- 20457e4a- 39c03409- f69a9aba- 388e8a94- 677044c7- 643fe9ac- 66523c91- 18a61801

100% working
http://www.effectma RhinoSoft Serv-U FTP Corporate Edition v6.4.0.2 S/N:
jgCHYWEKx23GQiMGK9r UvBm3DqA1N67pDnu zZqKAYQCDZ3GKOSj GQiMG1CXWvDnjS+ F4F/iAXBL/ D/bZjgCHYWEKx23G QiMGK9rUvBm3DoBD RcKpeR7SFMf05mXl Tw54oG3GQiMGK9rU vBm3DqA1N92dew3E Htv69Xz6Hx6KRu9F xg

http://www.serv- ACDSee ACDSee Photo Manager 9.0 S/N: DW9D7H-334K2- 3NLJZ3-3HPTV4X- D9S

Driver Guide Driver Guide Tool Kit 2.0.23 Name: YURTDESEN CERiBAS
S/N: FC74-0347-BF1E- 94B0

www.driverguide. com Sunflowers Anno 1701 1.00 S/N: 36H66-Q2Q5W- LNTNR-4JMRW- 2YUA2-QMFLM- 9D5PU-7YPDT

Lonely cat games LCG Jukebox 2.12 S/N: 358357001836230

typing master typing master 6.30 S/N: 6.3

symantec norton internet security 2007 S/N: 2007

IniCom Networks Flash FXP 3.4.1 S/N: -------- FlashFXP Registration Data START --------
FLASHFXPvwCYA16pvwA AAAC2WpcNKwTnwbv eeFsasruCD7nT
NEqX/qsvG2UWCyyzmq8 cYPqQAZVLclU3WLP 9a1BBDpcCDPBi37
v4mlDCL0hAL/ D+yVcY1xiEyEGWJ9 msVQ9BN1PN8n9o5T txNH6G
PsKd1655TdjSJqvksIQ fOMeVcG/KngWSJxp EAqPTLU0kJSkjK

microsoft ms office 2003 2003 S/N: xk4bv-38k2b- jpjh9-c4txb- f737b

FREEMAN AudioLava 1.0 Name: Scalopus
S/N: 324E-4B97-8027- 4CCC

Symantec Norton Internet Security 2007 S/N: VRB97-2MVJW- 74BG2-VTXHV- KMHBC

gjj hghgv 7 S/N: 675968976

Ulead ulead photo v12 S/N: 811A3-0C000- 66766095

Acronis Acronis Disk Director Suite 10.0.2117 S/N: V3Q48-PNHXP- J9B7L-68K9Q- G2YC4

Ashampoo Ashampoo Burning Studio 6.5 S/N: BRS6A8-770PA5- D4C671

corel 11 :
DR11CRD-0012082- DGW
Free Web Hosting

FolderLock User ID: NewSoft15805

FolderLock Registration Key: 221281703


4990963471843922, 8815902902903302, 5674913934842460,
7843413934842960, 7843413934842960, 8815902902903302,


total video convert sn:


0ab52023-ba00347e- 9fa86acd- fdc330a9- 68578b7e- 264b81e1- 30bdfeef- cea403fa- 20457e4a- 39c03409- f69a9aba- 388e8a94- 677044c7- 643fe9ac- 66523c91- 18a61801

or try

94d7f253-97db21cf- 77bc98d8- 6f456a41- be943be4- a0a3b2e0- 16059d78- d7d2fe36- 0de33bc7- d866e316- c5811727- 327512bb- af3d58ff- 07e5a488- df33ae98- 1a620514

recovery my files : mark/
recovery my files
Name: Mark D Price
Serial: MM6NBN-JPR1W4- ZG7U1E-QT0MHH- AFW0H8-1K0K6F- 4T2DG4-51WWVY

office recovery
SERIAL: 3918-63853

tune up 2008 :

Name: Tanja Wirtz

Software:Remote Administrator 2.1

08US9A95I+lKa9nbOLX qv0V8xqdDvKGcNcT pN2wV11iSqOCVuA6 A5KKZRHc5GVMIybW omK6rNwoj8mYy8LX RFi23

Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 8.0.0

Opera For Windows v7.54 serial number
Name:www.ttdown. com
Code:w-JPmHr- EVYWj-BiBSb- xxDeT-bL8Tm

AceFTP v2.03.0 Pro serial number
Name: DiSTiNCT s/n: BM29PK-HB7W11- ATHL4A-DQU6CN or Name: Free User

Ahead Nero Burning Rom v6.30 Ultra Edition serial number
1A23-0040-9020- 2133-6246- 6618

Microsoft Office 2003 serial number

Office Visio Pro 2003 serial number

swishmax serial number:

SetupSwishmax serial number

AceFTP Pro v2.04.0:
Name: DiSTiNCT s/n: BM29PK-HB7W11- ATHL4A-DQU6CN

FreehandMX serial number
WPD700-54600- 07694-00204
WPD700-58402- 28494-18882
WPD700-53503- 33394-05832

Windows Communicator v1.9.8.4 serial number
s/n: EE3A33C1E8C2A3F8 or B044298424811645

CloneCD v4.0.0 serial number
Serial Code:
1012F1399D0C696BA4D 92C949B50B08D5EB D1E0C1D36AC82F5B 3D912AF58DABEB10 F76742F1423E7E44 A04CA5F4B7F1F7F0 C8B762A13B4C031C B4031D1001BBF

Win2PDF v2.5 serial number
Name:www.piaodown. com
Code:4695-7905- 2845-9334

iZotope Ozone Winamp Plugin v1.0 serial number
Name: San Perese Email: [EMAIL PROTECTED] s/n92844

FTP Voyager - v9.1.0.3 serial number
ZAe+cuHoRc/EybeBP6h 8A1B29BcArC3Onmc qB2W3VoImSEXYBhx X/WMvuacpsxNakNL CV2gi0yHmOK9I7ut 0nPVDIqY51/ rL7P0Hbki20vUKVW j/KAvA+Uexa3u0XN OT/uugAKD1Cknh1i 7yXn04t0GxZ3La7r ekNBiS+nZb+ yE=

InstallShield Professional v7.0 serial number
ISC5L8-0100- 9994779043
Should be
ISCSL8-0100- 9994779043

Adobe Mpeg Encoder Activation Code For Premiere Pro serial number
name: www.bestserials. com
code: F8AC-2781

TweakXP Pro v4.0.5 serial number
name: www.bestserials. com
code: 302D0215-01CA7441- 52EA5A1A- 5697E9FE

Tweak-XP Pro v4.0.2 serial number
Name: Thomas Faerber or Monica H. Albus S/N:
1851-69141755885442 94-6514 or 1851-28854357647692 52-6514 Match Tomas w/
1851-69xxx and Monica w/ 1851-28xxx
FTP Serv-U v5.0.0.6 Beta serial number
Registration ID:
HsVRCjxHMe/HwDOrrUx qeMuChKO0DdlzUy2 tCGgcdMVQDs/ 7P9EdwjKrowsPF/ /h4YObIvknAH/ FHA95cfEyb3wzQp2 v7UfOzCFEFq722
SPB pocket plus 3.0.0 serial number
S/N: 36351256
Cristal Report 11*
*b5w60-01c0200- 00gpaj0-0m80*

Kumpulan Serial Number

CD-Key dan serial Number Windows

Serial Number : 111-1111111 dapat digunakan untuk :
• BackOffice 4.5 (Beta 2)
• Flight Simulator 98 (OEM)
• Liquid Motion 1.0
• Monster Truck Madness
• Office 97 Pro
• Plus! 98
• Publisher 98
• SQL Server Enterprise Edition
• Visual C++ 6.0 Standard Edition
• Visual Studio 6 (Enterprise dan Pro) dan 97
• Word 97

Serial Number : 465-6389583 dapat digunakan untuk :
• Flight Simulator 95
• Monster Truck Madness
• Office 98 for MacIntosh
• Office 2001 for MacIntosh
• Publisher 97
• Publisher 98 (dengan 0465 pada blok pertama)
• Sidewinder Game Pad CD
• Visual Basic 4.0 Enterprise
• Visual Basic 6.0a Professional Edition
• Visual C++ 4.0 dan 5.0
• Visual C++ 4.0 Professional
• Visual C++ 5.0 Professional Edition
• Visual Studio 97
• Windows NT 4.0 Workstation
• Windows 95/98 Plus!
• Windows 95 Upgrade
• Windows 98 Beta 3
• Works 4.5
Serial Number : 1112-1111111 dapat digunakan untuk :
• Office 97
• Office 97 Pro
• Outlook 98
• Power Point 97 Upgrade
• Project 98
• Publisher 98
• Microsoft Works

Serial Number : 8090-3192571 dapat digunakan untuk :
• Access 97
• Front Page 98
• Office 97 Pro
• Outlook 98
• Project 98
• Publisher 98, Spanyol Version
• Visual Basic 5.0 Professional dan Enterprise Edition
• Word 97

Windows 98
• YK42-6KXD9-2C333- 3D898-J97HP
• R3TQR-PQTKG- HBVQ9-YBFH3- CGCRT digunakan untuk German full, English
full (OEM), UK Edition, Compaq English, Spanyol Full, Dutch, Compaq
dan IBM Recovery CDs, dan U.S. Second Edition (SE) OEM, Dell SE
• Q2YHH-GYWV2- MDXCD-H9P2X- HYVMM digunakan untuk beberapa versions
termasuk SE (Second Edition), UK Edition, dan US OEM.
• R34DV-VB6WM- XMHHV-WM4Q2- WBB3Y seharusnya dapat digunakan untuk
semua version dari first edition Windows 98 (4.10.98), UK Edition.
• T7J8Q-MH7RP- 9H9J2-2HVFG- C3X2M digunakan untuk four U.S. retail
versions (4.10.1998) sekelas dengan second edition version.
• JJK9P-G8JYJ- X24RC-XTFJ4- K9W4W digunakan untuk English retail
version (CA), UK Edition.
• MMHK7-QPHQG- KMTP9-7GTJY- JQ6XM digunakan untuk English Retail Second
Edition v4.10.2222A. Termasuk, HP 4440 recovery disk, UK Edition.
• XB88B-9B96V- CRJPG-64882- GQBDD Full verison, bukan upgrade, termasuk
Second Edition, UK Edition
• DJK2X-6XFJB- Q9J7J-WGC7P- WMHYG Compaq, HP, IBM, dsb., UK Edition
• HGBRM-RBK3V- M9FXV-YCXDK- V38J4 Apr 98 Beta
• K4HVD-99TJ9- 6CRXG-C9G68- R92D3
• BQRYF-BQ4BF- Q4VFX-D9PRC- YTCV7 French Update CD
• MD97J-QC7R7- TQJGD-3V2WM- W7PVM English Developer's Connection
Version. Keliatannya bisa juga dengan T7J8Q....dsb (sama dengan
• HBM43-PD86Y- 9R8HM-4GM8H- TVG3Q UK Edition
• BHB6V-JYFJ8- V9C47-QDB6B- JCTXK UK Version
• Q988C-P7VK2- K2K7R-QX9W9- 7CDW3 UK Edition

Windows 98 Second Edition (SE)

RW9MG-QR4G3- 2WRR9-TG7BH- 33GXB Full Edition, English UK
DKJQY-TMJGF- BYYPQ-Q2HB7- W2K3V Upgrade English, U.S. Version
K4HVD-Q9TJ9- 6CRX9-C9G68- RQ2D3 Win 98 Upgrade Second Edition, termasuk
1st edition full retail
HQ6K2-QPC42- 3HWDM-BF4KJ- W4XWJ Win 98 Second Edition, (serial yang
sering digunakan) termasuk Denmark, Norwegia dan Norwegia OEM, UK
Edition (product ID 16203-OEM-0000007- 00651)
HQ88R-P7JWC- 4FYHY-DK6MV- HT3CD Plus SE U.S English Ver 4.10.2222A
P767C-WKHX7- 62TFV-H6XTP- JXFQM digunakan untuk ver. 4.10.2222 English,
UK Edition, termasuk Packard Bell Master Recovery CD
XQY3P-8MMD2- JC6M2-HJDYW- P6H7B, UK Edition
d6xwh-xkvv6- t2f87-kb2kh- 9h3yg from Compaq OEM system, UK Edition
BBH2G-D2VK9- QD4M9-F63XB- 43C33 Chinese Language, Full Installation
J3R3W-VBVDF- 2496X-46TQB- HH8BY Australian English. Product Key
792807368, UK Edition
TR9TQ-F4JRW- FXM4G-3H7V2- FH4J6 UK dan Chinese Version
W7XTC-2YWFB- K6BPT-GMHMV- B6FDY Second Edition English
JHD22-PY6C8- GGTJC-HYYWT- TF7MY Ver 4.10.2222A Retail
QMPMF-23D8R- 83GV6-MMR3C- BQ7C3 UK Edition
WTY8X-CQP24- MX9TD-GBBD9- JKCXP (upgrade)
WGJTT-2Q9MV- 3TB8B-DQ77Y- C6QKB UK Edition
TVYGH-V683W- 3CWT9-MQ468- G66WR Upgrade
DBRCB-D43K3- VY4G4-KVG4H- 6FK9M Australia
PRDDH-83JD9- G6PK4-684GF- 6Y73B Dell OEM English dan Dell upgrade

MS Exchange Server 5.0 dan 5.5.
Serial Number : 7777-7777777

Office 2000

DR674-KJWQW- HGQKT-WGDBG- 4RKY3 produk ID antara 450-5693453
Q2CXY-QYYJ4- QPTBH-WPCTB- 9J4MM Volume/Corporate CD Key
RX2R4-4RDYW- 269QY-7BC3J- XCFVB (Corporate CD Key)
JFD4K-MKCDP- 83R4H-7GFCQ- 2C9KB Professional English SR1
HQ6DG-JJ73M- C34Q7-W3G4H- CRB9Q UK Pro, Spanyol Premium, dan U.S.
(standard upgrade) as well as Visio 2000
R7WB4-KQDHY- YTVRF-77JXC- W7898 Spanyol Premium
C3KDQ-BJBMM- YVP9B-DQY7V- VBG9G Spanyol SR-1, version 9.0.3821

Office 2000 Professional

H4GW2-2M9C4- R8YWX-BYJFT- KKFQ3 Termasuk MS Works Suite 2000 (Inggris
dan swedia) dan Word 2000 sebaik dengan Word 2000 (HP OEM dan
DT3FT-BFH4M- GYYH8-PG9C3- 8K2FJ termasuk premium, pre SP1
DT3FT-BFH4M- 9YYH8-PG963- 8K2FJ (2nd Edition)
RX2R4-4RDYW- S29QY-7BC3J- XCFV3 (Corporate CD Key)
DFK97-PR8TC- 9XMJJ-4JVCY- WHTP9 academic version, product ID 326-4662262

Office 2000 Premium

MP4F9-W6C8V- HTCCT-T7M7R- Y7K3Y (Termasuk Office 10 Beta 2)
CFGBV-3MC8H- KW2XJ-8CVP6- KBRM9 (Termasuk SR-1, tapi butuh registras).

Works Suite 2000


Office 2000 Small Business

J3GX9-MDBXB- 934FC-CTQJ3- KFRM8, Termasuk Windows ME Upgrade, Works
Suite 2000, Publisher 2000, Word 2000 (termasuk SR-1 dan OEM) dan
Office 2000 Professional version (service release 1, English dan
W6FX3-77MJ3- JMVH2-VWP86- F4KMJ, Termasuk Flight Simulator 2000, Works
Suite 2000, dan Word 2000 OEM.

Office 10 untuk Mac

HGRK7-74222- YDF4X-VKP93- R8X76
C43G9-T2J4R- 4V8GX-F9TYQ- R42W4

Works 4.5a OEM version
11111-11111- 11111-11111- 11111

Word 2000

WPB69-HRK28- WYRJ9-FKK76- DGDC8 Termasuk Works Suite 2000 dan 2001
XDDT9-9T82Y- 47WDW-B9TV4- 8M9MD
PF64V-RVBCV- 4QJJG-7Q9VC- 3DVRW Canadian version

Front Page 2000 upgrade dan full version

DYQV3-XDB7C- T24YH-2Q93P- T4G7V Termasuk Office 2000 Premium
R6BRT-3DH6Y- 22BWG-H8T6C- 49BXV Termasuk Project 2000 dan Publisher 2000

Project 2000 Pro

MDYB4-92JGJ- CV7KY-H2B39- 9X4TT termasuk yang digunakan untuk Visio 2000

Visio 2000

Windows 2000 Professional
QR8T4-P2J49- 68J88-79XTP- F2RG8
TXY8C-9X778- 9BJ3T-6F2DC- 332YF U.S. Upgrade
K3Y7V-XXWHC- 8XT9Q-HH6TC- WMFYV U.S. Upgrade from MS
RBDC9-VTRC8- D7972-J97JY- PRVMG Termasuk digunakan untuk Windows
Whistler, build 2428 dan Upgrade nya
RM233-2PRQQ- FR4RH-JP89H- 46QYB Retail
DY26P-7W66J- MQQQ7-QGRTQ- X8PHJ Corporate CD
RBDC9-VTRC8- D7972-J97JY- PRVMG sampai batas waktu 120 hari

Windows 2000 Server
VTWQ6-GQ4DB- RF2BW-RRMRR- WDMDT termasuk SQL Server 2000 Personal

Windows 2000 Advanced Server
H6TWQ-TQQM8- HXJYG-D69F7- R84VM termasuk Business Server
RBDC9-VTRC8- D7972-J97JY- PRVMG termasuk Windows 2000 Pro, kemungkinan
masa aktifnya hanya 120 hari)

Outlook 2000
WK4BC-8C9GD- WRCKV-DV39P- T8JKG termasuk FrontPage 2000, Work Suite
2001, Gateway Work Suite 2003

Windows ME (Millenium)
RBDC9-VTRC8- D7972-J97JY- PRVMG Termasuk yang digunakan untuk Windows
Whistler build 2428
Q6MD3-VG94N- C4M3X-W2WJ4- V7XJ7
R4J6Q-TT3GQ- FWVP9-K3XH8- 2R2GB Austrian Version
FF8PG-YQQX4- 7VHW8-MC4K9- T8VPQ Full Version (Retail)

Windows Millenium Upgrade

Office XP 2002
FM9FY-TMF7Q- KCKCT-V9T29- TBBBG (yang sering dipakai) digunakan untuk
corporate Pro Enterprise dan Professional editions
Q4F49-MQ4YG- JCWHM-KF4QR- GRXWY Volume/Corporate CD Applications
HWB6C-8R8YY- M4M86-PXB88- 3C78G Volume/Corporate CD Suites
RYXMW-P6PFM- YC2GP-YWX2R- 9VY9G Retail Applications
VBVRC-TKK6Y- 37HD7-FVGGB- JF36J Retail Suites
QHV8Q-JYYYQ- WDBWP-9GCPY- P77JB Professional
QX97T-8R9FY- M3HGX-KGXYD- R3C8T Seems to be 49 trial version
XFX2Y-28DHH- 8XHX3-RXRC8- 28TCD digunakan untuk Premium edition,
termasuk UK edition with FrontPage

Windows XP Professional 2002
FCKGW-RHQQ2- YXRKT-8TG6W- 2B7Q8 Corporate version dan upgrade
PQGR8-86HKG- 2X3P7-H2DH2- HRM96 Corporate generated
J7282-VM7Y4- MXMJD-83DJM- BM6JY Corporate generated
RG6Q6-JRJQR- JMY3X-DPR7T- 48K86 Corporate generated
W7VY8-R3HK7- J68PB-TQ4DF- B87M2 Corporate generated
FRQF8-RW2FT- MHFWB-GRQKP- T9GV2 Corporate generated
TKFFC-RMY9G- DD3HQ-JKPG9- AX6HD Volume License (may be post SP1)
BQ92H-YPC9T- 3MCMY-7PPH8- 8J3JF Retail version
KBGVG-DK767- BQPTM-3DC9F- HYV83 Retail version
BBK3H-PPH6P- G8YV7-FMBHM- 2RV2P OEM SP1 compatible
BVFKG-7MXPW- Y6RVF-CMD22- FYRR7 OEM SP1 compatible
RBR8H-YBHRY- XVD8C-Q47YW- Y62CC OEM SP1 compatible

Windows XP Home Edition
C6QQT-DYQ7H- HG39T-H47FX- Q3JD2 upgrade

Publisher 2000

Publisher XP
dy6wq-d3fyg- v89by-8kpg9- 8yw9m termasuk yang digunakan untuk Visio dan
Publisher 2002 Pro

Visio Enterprise Network Tools
HJ964-7DQ6D- 7K7RK-DD7RM- TQGRB Volume/Corporate CD

Works Suite 2001

Publisher 2002

Project Pro 2002

Visual Pro 2002

Visual Studio .NET

Visual FoxPro 7.0

Office XP Pro 2002

Project 2002 Pro
dy6wq-d3fyg- v89by-8kpg9- 8yw9m (reguler)

Works Suite 2002
K64YY-JRMKM- 7DJJF-F2D96- 8K736 termasuk Word 2002 dan Outlook 2002,
kemungkinan hanya berlaku selama 50 hari.

Word 2002
HM6W4-KPQ88- CRPFM-VXXJB- 26XJJ (trial version dengan 50 kali digunakan)

Works Suite 2003
KDQK3-QR72W- TBR3F-DJJHM- TGKF6 (Word 2002)

Windows Advanced Server 2003

Works Suite 2004 (including Word 2002)

Microsoft Office S & T Edition 2003 Trial dengan Microsoft Works
7.0 2004 Standard dan Microsoft MSN Encarta Standard

Windows Longhorn 4015 beta
cky24-q8qrh- x3kmr-c6bcy- t847y

" Serial Key "

No. Program Serial

1 Abbyy finereader 8.0 professional edition FPEF-8000-0000-0000-8564
2 Acd see v7.0.43 4QSD7H-33472-34DGSJ-DRXQDJ7-D76
3 Acd see v7.0.43 4QSD7H-33472-34DGYL-4G5398T-D76
4 ACDSee ACDSee Photo Manager 9.0 DW9D7H-334K2-3NLJZ3-3HPTV4X-D9S
5 Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended 1380-1601-7539-9354- 7032-1203
6 Adobe Acrobat v8.0 Professional 1118-1341-3925-5595-8141-7680
7 Adobe Acrobat v8.0 Professional 1016-1992-9210-9981-1392-2870
8 Adobe Acrobat v8.0 Professional 1118-1719-9236-6727-3285-3211
9 Adobe Acrobat v8.0 Professional 1016-1757-9008-0389-1405-2509
10 Adobe Acrobat v8.0 Professional 1118-1295-7743-3899-5988-7217
11 Adobe Acrobat v8.0 Professional 1016-1553-1956-8803-7545-2920
12 Adobe Photoshop 7.0 1045-1209-6738-4668-7696-2783
13 Adobe Photoshop 7.0 1045-1200-1432-0104-0000-2517
14 Adobe Photoshop 7.0 1045-0009-2130-3302-1733-9518
15 Adobe Photoshop 8 EWW470R1001999-030-259
16 Adobe Photoshop 8 1045-1207-1122-2567-5785-5871
17 Adobe PhotoShop 9 CS2 Final 1045-1302-5692-5842-1244-7027
18 Adobe PhotoShop 9 CS2 Final 1045-1089-5615-7012-8632-4926
19 Adobe PhotoShop 9 CS2 Final 1045-1089-6828-6072-9846-5475
20 Adobe PhotoShop 9 CS2 Final 1045-1083-5752-8956-7466-0367
21 Adobe PhotoShop 9 CS2 Final 1045-1082-0717-0088-4579-1258
22 Adobe PhotoShop 9 CS2 Final 1045-1084-6247-4869-0018-0221
23 Adobe PhotoShop 9 CS2 Final 1045-1082-6373-5878-7149-7943
24 Adobe PhotoShop 9 CS2 Final 1045-1085-2225-3531-1557-8491
25 Adobe PhotoShop 9 CS2 Final 1045-1085-7167-5719-7396-8193
26 Adobe PhotoShop 9 CS2 Final 1045-1085-7167-5719-7396-8193
27 Adobe PhotoShop 9 CS2 Final 1045-0436-9551-0266-5984-9386
28 Adobe Photoshop CS 1045-1756-0999-0999-3438-3575
29 Adobe Photoshop CS 1131-1028-1537-2956-7072-0359
30 Ahead Nero 7 1C80-00EE-19E5-MA2X-4003-414M-A71C
31 Ahead Nero 7 Premium Reloaded v7.5.9.0A 1C80-0000-19E5-MA2X-4001-1324-3931
32 Ahead Nero 7 Premium Reloaded v7.5.9.0A 1C80-0000-19E5-MA2X-4008-6459-9954
33 Ahead Nero 7 Premium Reloaded v7.5.9.0A 1C80-0000-19E5-MA2X-4008-9974-0906
34 Ahead Nero 7 Premium Reloaded v7.5.9.0A 1C80-0000-19E5-MA2X-4005-9931-5336
35 Ahead Nero 7 Premium Reloaded v7.5.9.0A 1C80-0000-19E5-MA2X-4008-5823-0671
36 Ahead Nero 7 Premium Reloaded v7.5.9.1 1C81-0020-19E5-M31X-E42S-D217-7935
37 Ahead Nero 1C80-0014-19E5-MA2X-4003-92CA-K29M
38 Ahead Nero 1C80-0000-19E5-MA2X-4007-0589-4603
39 Ahead Nero 1C82-0020-19E5-M45X-0FFF-93D9-0BD4
40 Ahead Nero 1C82-0020-19E5-M45X-0FFF-GC89-D3N4
41 Ahead Nero 1C82-0020-19E5-M45X-0FFF-2X95-1I5J
42 Ahead Nero 1C82-0020-19E5-M45X-0FFF-ARA0-0ASR
43 Ahead Nero 1C82-0020-19E5-M45X-0FFF-7RLG-K8G7
44 Ahead Nero 1C82-0000-19E5-MAAX-4009-1375-5827
45 Ahead Nero 1C82-0000-19E5-MAAX-4002-2881-KM22
46 Ahead Nero 1C80-0000-19E5-MA2X-4003-8871-9910
47 Ahead Nero 8 1K22-0867-0795-66M4-5754-6929-64KM
48 Ahead Nero 8 1K22-2867-0K95-61K4-5000-CKAC-AA8X
49 Ahead Nero Advanced Audio Plug-In S/N: 5C03001080100000000089576725
50 Avast 4.7 Home Edition W35653905H3000A1106-CS5BKTLF
51 Avast antivirus 4.7.942 w4382978r0068s1111
52 Avast 4.7 Pro Name:
Serial: 5DAEBD5A-954F06A7-DB10D57D-E95BCBB5-86AD40F7-E56E63ED-26E3F367-E32D00A2
53 AVG 8 75VNU-TH1RR1-L7-P03-C01-S3S9MD-2YN-3AUS
55 Corel Draw 10 D10NR-3284253T76
56 Corel Draw Graphics Suite 11 DR11CRD-0012082-DGW
57 Corel Draw Graphics Suite 12.0 serial number DR12CED-8048367-SMB
58 Corel Draw Graphics Suite 12.0 serial number DR12WTR-2098928-SYX
59 Corel Draw Graphics Suite 12.0 serial number DR12WES-3007622-EUW
60 Corel Draw Graphics Suite 12.0 serial number DR12WRD-5808712-JLK
61 Corel Draw Graphics Suite 12.0 serial number DR12WRS-8796594-FHE
62 Corel Draw Graphics Suite 12.0 serial number DR12WRG-7070178-WDD
63 Cyberlink PowerDVD Deluxe v7.0.2211 MMWJC-FRW4Z-677TV-YC8US-ZLYV3-KPW7B
64 Cyberlink PowerDVD Deluxe v7.0.2211 WE8LG-MENE9-QGNVQ-LNPCF-F5AVD-8URP5
65 Cyberlink PowerDVD Deluxe v7.0.2211 28FC9-URJA8-NDJA5-QVPQJ-EEB4M-2FZQM
66 Cyberlink PowerDVD Deluxe v7.0.2211 GLRGH-A6CS6-X8BTA-CGA6A-KHDCK-4KUW4
67 Cyberlink PowerDVD Deluxe v7.0.2211 TGRZP-QQQUU-X49A5-HC9KJ-QSA8S-9PMMP
68 Dreamweaver CS4 Serial 1192-1011-6187-0395-3209-9981
69 Dreamweaver CS4 Serial 1192-1623-8203-2046-5477-7536
70 Dreamweaver CS4 Serial 1192-1797-8683-7390-3175-6027
72 Microsoft Microsoft Office Visio 2007 Professional 2007 HCFPT-K86VV-DCKH3-87CCR-FM6HW
73 Microsoft Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2003 H9WFF-BVJ3T-2KHD9-HBP77-7P46B
75 Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise KGFVY-7733B-8WCK9-KTG64-BC7D8
76 Microsoft Office 2007 Pro TT3M8-H3469-V89G6-8FWK7-D3Q9Q
77 Microsoft Office Professional 2007 Enterprise KGFVY-7733B-8WCK9-KTG64-BC7D8
78 Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate YFKBB-PQJJV-G996G-VWGXY-2V3X8
79 Microsoft Windows XP Profesional SP 2 WGP2M-G8M6T-BT7D4-P7RY7-27K76
80 Microsoft Windows XP Profesional SP 2 VYKFM-8WQD3-PQC2R-MB9YV-X3JFG
81 Microsoft Windows XP Profesional SP 2 k2kb2-bdbgv-kp686-d8t7x-hdmq8
82 Microsoft Windows xp Professional FCKGW RHQQ2 YXRKT 8TG6W 2B7Q8
83 Microsoft(R) MS Office Project Professional 2007 12.0.4518.1014 BHFYK-9RTKR-RV3J6-X669J-XQ3Q8
84 Nero Linux 2CA0-0000-1800-2000-4009-4623-XXA9
85 Nero Linux 2CA0-0000-1800-2000-4004-3188-28C7
86 Partition Magic 8.0 PM800FR1-3193805303
87 Partition Magic 8.0 PM800ENSP1-11111131
88 Partition Magic 8.0 PM80PM800ENSP1-11141269
89 Windows Vista YFKBB-PQJJV-G996G-VWGXY-2V3X8
90 Windows Vista Business J9QVT-JJMB9-RVJ38-M8KT6-DMT9M
91 Windows Vista Enterprise CYD8T-QHBMC-6RCMK-4GHRD-CRRB7
92 Windows Vista Home Basic KJTCW-YQGRK-XPQMR-YTQG8-DKVG6
93 Windows Vista Home Basic N YQWWH-2YD6Y-V3K2X-H4H8V-WJ8WT
94 Windows Vista Home Premium PYYBC-K9XT9-V92KD-6CT89-4VB82
95 Windows Vista Ultimate PVVFY-2F78Q-8T7M8-HDQB2-BR3YT
96 CyberLink PowerDVD 7 Name: S.M Nafis Akhtar
99 CyberLink PowerDVD 7 6XDFP-HRXSM-4J4ZU-C2XBU-EG384-MEEVF
101 CyberLink PowerDVD 7 824RZ-WQA6F-RBVAM-5W9N8-EX3HL-QDU42
104 Microsoft Windows Vista 2006 Name: cristi suta
Microsoft Windows Vista 2006 S/N: TCP8W-T8PQJ-WWRRH-QH76C-99FBW
105 Google Earth Pro Name: Shinder Jandu
Google Earth Pro S/N: JCPM7DVNY6MRE3G
Google Earth Pro Password: 123456789

Kalo ada yang lagi nyari serial silakan cari disini....!