RAR Recovery Toolbox v1.1.4.7

RAR Recovery Toolbox
Repair RAR files software
The RAR Recovery Toolbox tool (download) recovers data from damaged RAR archives.
The RAR repair program scans the archive, defines the data structure and tries
to recover as much information as it can from the damaged file. Using several
different recovery algorithms, the RAR file repair tool minimizes data loss and
tries to recover the maximum possible amount of information. The RAR file repair
tool also checks the data for consistency to enhance the quality of data recovery.
After the RAR recover program finishes the recovery session, it shows a
full recovery report.

An intuitive and convenient user interface makes the work with the RAR repair
program easy and comfortable even for a beginner. The process of RAR recovery
consists of several steps performed in separate windows, so the rar recovery
process becomes even more convenient.

During data rar recovery the RAR repair program doesn't modify the damaged RAR
archive; it just recovers files from the archive and saves it to the hard disk.
The folder structure remains the same a damaged RAR archive, file and folder
names aren't changed too. Software don't fix RAR file over old archive file.
Download:RAR Recovery Toolbox v1.1.4.7

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