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AntsSoft Ultra Button v1.1

Ultra Button is a web button maker. With its help, you can easily create image buttons or Flash buttons for web pages even without any web development experience. 80 categories, over 600 types of various popular-style button templates are embedded within Ultra Button for you to choose from. You can output the buttons as GIF images, JPEG images or an Adobe Flash movie via Publish Wizard, and add them into your web pages easily and quickly.
Key Features:

- Easy to Use
Ultra Button has a user-friendly and easy-to-use user interface. You can create a web button simply by selecting a template, entering button text, setting attributes such as font style, button background and icon image. There is no need to learn relevant knowledge such as button design, picture making or Flash development.

- Hundreds of Button Templates
80 categories, 600+ types of well designed popular button templates are attached. You can create a variety of 2D and 3D glassy, metallic, plastic and even XP or Vista style web buttons in seconds. All of your button settings can also be saved as a custom template for reusing later. View sample templates

- Full Customizable
You can fully customize various attributes of button states ("Normal", "Over" and "Click") by Ultra Button. These attributes include: button text, link URL, button size, text font, text color, text position, icon image, icon position, background image, background image resizing method and background image recoloring method, etc.

- Multiple Output Formats
The buttons you designed by Ultra Button can either be output as GIF or JPEG images, or as an Adobe Flash movie.

- Multi-state Buttons
You can set different attributes for the three states "Normal", "Over" and "Click" separately to create rollover buttons. Ultra Button can also generate the necessary HTML and javascript code for you to insert rollover buttons to web page.

- Animated Buttons
Specify animated GIF as button icon and you will have an animated multi-state buttons.

- Button Recoloring
With the "HSL" and "RGB" recoloring methods, you can easily change the color of an existing button template into a color you are satisfied with.

- Button Resizing
Both "Cell Split" and "Stretch" resizing methods are supported. With the "Cell Split" method, the button can be resized from template without distorting.

- Auto Size
For buttons with the "Auto Size" option is set, their sizes can be calculated automatically based on the text content and icon setting of the button. You do not need to adjust the sizes of the buttons again and again after you adjust their text contents.

- Size to Largest
For buttons with the "Size to Largest" option is set, the size of the largest one among them is used as their unified size automatically. This feature can be used to make sure that multiple buttons in one project always have the same size.

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