Avira AntiVir Personal

Avira AntiVir - Avira Company has updated its line of products for the security of the system, produced specifically for personal use. All products contain a resident monitor (Virus Guard), Task Scheduler, a module for automatic updates through a worldwide network and a separate scanner files. There is also a great anti-virus signature database, which is both known and extremely dangerous applications and malicious software.
Anti-Virus database contains more than 200 thousand entries, which is updated daily. Heuristic Analyzer will help protect you from unknown macro viruses.

The first of these free Avira AntiVir Personal. It provides users with protection against viruses, worms, Trojans, and software for dial-up. In addition, allows you to search and delete "rootkits", and to prevent "phishing". Like all products of the last, eighth line, includes improved scanning algorithms, as well as a new user interface.

Compatible System: Win2000, WinXP, Vista, Win 7
Language: English (intuitive interface)

New version of Avira AntiVir Premium, which protects your computer from viruses, worms, trojans, rootkits, phishing, adware and spyware, bots and dangerous downloads "Drive-by". First-rate performance recognition and maximum security thanks to several updates a day.
Repeatedly noted by the various professional awards technology AntiVir offers you protection. The unquestionable benefits include the fact that the program not only protects the user from viruses and network worms, Trojans, adware and spyware, dialers pay sites viruses, jokes, rootkits, phishing and other digital threats. Supported and heuristic analysis, and the user can independently set the menu level of depth. Spyware and adware, this version can not detect, such protection is only available in AntiVir Permium. Result malware can be removed immediately or placed in quarantine. The developers of anti-virus provides the possibility of its work on schedule.

Benefits Avira AntiVir Premium:
- AntiVir stops all types of viruses
- AntiAd / Spyware removes adware and spyware
- AntiPhishing protection from phishing
- AntiRootkit detects hidden rootkits
- AntiDrive-by prevents the download of viruses in the Internet-surfing
- EmailScanner scans incoming and outgoing messages
- WebGuard checks for viruses in downloaded files and web pages
- RescueSystem creates a drive to recover
- QuickRemoval removal of viruses with a single click NEW!
- NetbookSupport for notebooks with low resolution NEW!

Released: 2010
Operating system: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Download:(Avira AntiVir Personal

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