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Kit of the renovations SP4 from 06.04.2010

Kit of the renovations SP4: This package comprises of itself all proposed renovations Windows Update for Windows XP and Internet Explorer 8, renovations obligatory as minimum, for protection from epidemic of the virus kido (Conficker) and other virus-worms using known criticalities Windows XP SP3.
The Collection is intended both for professional, and for ordinary users!

The Contents:
* Security Service Pack 4 - Given archive presents from itself collection of the renovations, corrections and additions for russian Windows XP SP3 Professional (Home). In set are not enclosed IE7, IE8, WMplayer 11, but is enclosed renovations for them, NetFramework 1.1 and 2.0, 3.0, 3.5.
* Critical preSP4 for Windows XP SP3 contains only critical error, nearly no. After installation given package of the renovations on installed system Microsoft Update will ask from critical only facility for checking systems. Since purpose given set was minimization amount installed and at correspondence to to safety with versions 9.9.16 in set is enclosed IE8 Russian with their own.
* Windows XP preSP4 - a collection of the official renovations, corrections and additions for Windows XP SP3 + Internet Explorer and .NET Framework

Before using is urgently recommended do the reserve copy of the system with the help of scrap class Acronis True Image or Symantec Norton Ghost. After installing in all events will is organized forced rebooting the system.

Dop. information:
The Error "0" - a successful installation.
Error "1603" - fatal (critical) error during installation (for each event reason can be its) Error "3010" - a successful installation, but is not made obligatory rebooting after installing фикса.

Information on program
Name: Kit of the renovations SP4
Year of the issue: 06.04.2010
Version of the program: SP4
Developer: Microsoft
Platform: Windows XP SP3
Language of the interface: Russian
Format of the file: rar
Crack: Free
Size of the file: 381 Mb

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