Senin, 26 April 2010

Norton Internet Security 2010

The company Symantec has released a new version of Norton Internet Security 2010, which employs a radically new security model called Quorum. A distinctive feature of the product line 2010 is the ability to detect threats to "zero day» (zero-day) - equipped with anti-virus technology to detect unknown malware by analyzing their reputation.

At the same time against known threats used signature method. In addition, significant changes have been technology Norton Insight, which allows to speed up the process of scanning through the scan only the changed files. Now the technology is at the user's request will provide additional information on the interest its applications, including activity, behavior, and reputation, etc.

One of the most notable innovations realized in the package Norton AntiVirus 2010 and Norton Internet Security 2010, became the new technology of detecting malicious software, code-named Quorum.
Technology Quorum assesses the potential danger of the files found in the global network on the basis of reputational analysis. Files that represent a clear threat, blocked or destroyed by the application in automatic mode. When a suspicious or potentially dangerous object system notifies the user with pop-up message. For information analysis Quorum extracts from his own knowledge base. This store combines traditional virus signatures, actively uses Symantec Sonar for behavioral analysis of files, and also takes into account information about new threats, giving millions of users of Symantec.

Technology parental controls and spam filter in version 2010 were also significantly reworked to improve their effectiveness. Users of Norton Internet Security 2010 will become available free subscription to the service OnlineFamily.Norton - online parental control, not so long ago released by Symantec. A new spam filter is based on technology BrightMail and now more accurately detects spam without requiring training, according to developers.

Key technologies:
• Anti
• Anti-Spyware (Spyware)
• Two-way firewall
• Protection against detection
• Enhanced protection against phishing
• Monitoring network
• Detecting (Rootkit)
• Protection browser
• Protection against Internet worms
• Intrusion Prevention
• Protection of operating system and applications
• Authentication website
• Frequent Automatic Updates
• SONAR ™ behavioral protection
• Spam
• Prevention of leakage of confidential information and parental controls
• Blocking communication

Key features and characteristics of Norton Internet Security:
• Protection from spyware: finds and removes spyware
• Higher productivity can spend less time on the run and examinations.
• patented technology detects rootkits, hidden in the bowels of the operating system
• Includes protection updates and new product features as available throughout the renewable service period
• Function On-going Protection automatically renews subscription
• Automatically removes viruses and Internet worms
• Antivirus protection: protects against viruses e-mail and instant messaging (ICQ, QIP, Jabber, Google Talk, etc.).
• Protects against hackers
• Getting help from the experts with one click. Novelty
• Network security monitoring improves wireless network security.
• Norton Identity Safe to prevent identity theft.
• Runs in the background.
• Do not allow the spread of e-mails infected with viruses
• Blocks attempted identity theft phishers

Operating systems:
* Microsoft ® Windows ® XP with Service Pack 2 or later Home / Professional / Media Center
* Microsoft Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit) Starter / Home Basic / Home Premium / Business / Ultimate
* Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) Starter / Home Basic / Home Premium / Professional / Ultimate

Year: 2010
Platform: Windows ® / XP / Vista / Seven
Enabling | reg code: Medicine in the archive
Language: EN
Size: 100 MB
Download:(Norton Internet Security 2010

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