Bootable USB drive with Windows 7 SOS v.100506

Year: 2010
Platform: x86
Language: English + Russian
Tablet: Not required
Size: 240 mb

1. Any USB flash drive - fleshka, memory card or external USB HDD.
The minimum required size of the boot of the USB device - 4 GB.
2. Distribution of Windows 7 on a CD-ROM or hard drive

Self-extracting archive, double-click it to start
After unpacking the DOS-box appears, follow its instructions.

select the boot from your USB drive will see the menu:
Loading from your winchester (disk C:)
Setup Windows 7 7601.16537 x86-x64 RU SP1
Start Acronis True Image and Disk Director Server
Start Hiren `s 10.4 Windows XP RU MINI
Start Memtest86 + v2.01
Start Victoria 3.51

In the menu Hiren `s 10.4 Windows XP RU MINI item was added to Total
c extra. programs - Total Commander, Everest, UltraISO, WinRAR,
DrWeb, Victoria 4.46, and the folder HBCD \ bootsect can restore
boot sector of hard drive under XP or Windows 7 (Vista).
You can record just stick Boot SOS
without WINDOWS 7 - 512 mb or more.

Use Notepad to open the file C: \ USB \ files \ menu.lst and remove the lines:
title Setup Windows 7 7601.16537 x86-x64 RU SP1
find - set-root / bootmgr
chainloader / bootmgr
default format (FAT or FAT32), and
skip step up distribution of Windows 7.
In the space USB flash drive create a folder named Temp
and keep it all necessary.
Download:(Bootable USB drive with Windows 7 SOS v.100506_txt)

Dodol P4r3

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