Kamis, 23 Desember 2010

Windows 7 Perfection Netbook Edition 2010 x86_Torrent

I decided to do another netbook/older PC OS since they seem to be the most popular and alot of people still are using older hardware.

This one is called “Perfection” because it simply looks and runs like it. I hope you’ll agree.
Also, in this build I decided to fix a problem that Microsoft and MSI refuse to adress:
The dreaded “Missing CD-DVD Driver/Missing SATA
Driver” during installation.
I slipsteamed the missing drivers into the boot WIM and hopefully corrected that issue.
MSI users: Please post feedback, as I
do not own a MSI to test on.

Removed Components(aka. junk on netbooks/old PC’s):

-Speech Support
-Welcome Center
-TV Tuner Drivers
-Language Packs (English and Japanese only, others may be installed later)
-Windows Media Center (use VLC, it’s better anyways)
-Windows Media Player
-Manual Windows Setup
-Natural Language (used for advanced search, not language support!)
-Tablet PC
-Easy Transfer (no upgrades)
-Windows Help (only useful for noobs)
-Games (download your own better games, lol)

Post Installer Apps:

-Office 2003 Professional
-VLC Media Player
-xDark Firefox (thanks n0ak!)
-xDark Foxit Reader (thanks n0ak!)
-xDark Cleaner (thanks n0ak!)
-xDark Chrome (thanks n0ak!)
-xDark Miranda Fusion (thanks n0ak!)
-xDark Mozila Thunderbird (thanks n0ak!)
-MS Silverlight 4.0

Fully Installed with all post installer apps takes up only 8GB. 

Download: Windows 7 Perfection Netbook Edition 2010 x86_Torrent

Download: Software Torrent 

dan ini software untuk membakar file ISO nya
Download: File ISO

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