Hack Pack 33 Hacking Tools Pack 2011

Well, I've gained a lot of tools , so I decided it'd be a good idea to give some of it back to the community. I've made this pack which contains most of my hacking tools collection (though not all Non). There's 33 (or more) tools in here.
- Ardamax 2.8
- Ardamax 3.0
- Fake Messenger w/ password retriever (Revenge Messenger)
- Silent Keylogger by BUNNN
- Digital Keylogger v3.3
- Infinity YouTube cracker (doesn't work according to many but its still present)

- File Joiner v2.01
- File Injector v3
- Xeus Technologies HotFusion binder
- Japabrz's Csharp crypter
- Daemon Crypt V2
- Crypter v1.2
- nBinder v5.5 premium
- Easy Binder v2
- Shell Labs Icon Changer
- ShockLabs file binder
- uBinder v1.30 SE (someone's private binder, it is almost FUD)

- Frozen Land MSN Freezer v1
- Facebook Freezer
- Hotmail Lockers
- Email Bomber (an HTML page, no exe required!)

- Beast v2.07
- BitFrost v1.2
- Dark Moon v4.11
- Lost Door v2.2 Stable public edition
- MiniMo v0.7 public beta
- Nuclear RAT v2.1.0
- Optix v1.33
- PaiN RAT 0.1 beta 9
- Poison Ivy v2.3.2
- Shark 3
- Spy-Net v.1.7
- Y3 RAT v2.5 RC 10

- Proxy Switch v3.9 Ultimate
- Savk AV Killers (all 5 safe and deadly versions)
- Ardamax keylogger remover

NOTE: All software is full and cracks/serials are included, there are no trials or demos.

SAFETY: It would be best to run all these tools either Sandboxed, or from a Virtual Machine

Dodol P4r3

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