Senin, 24 Januari 2011

MBR Regenerator 1.1 - The Professional Activation Fix Tool

MBR Regenerator is a tool to solve several problems with activation Multiple loaders, and patches on the system, prevent programs like loader work, leaving messages, not the original Windows constantly appearing To prevent new installations of windows, I decided to develop this practical tool And this program does not replace the function of a loader, or similar, it is not an activator, only clean the system for the installation of a new activation method ...
- Key Features
-> The Master Boot Record (MBR), is restored to its original state, preventing any loader inject slic and cause conflicts with other cracks, preventing the proper activation
-> The system is reset, a new trial key compatible is installed, then return and after the pre-installation (windows)
-> Loaders who inject SLIC will be permanently deleted, allowing a clean install of another loader (note with Slic Toolkit)
-> Archives WAT/KB971033 essential activation files, are restored completely to the original state, if you can not uninstall other methods of activations already installed

- Engineer Map
-> 1- WATFIX by Daz to repair the files modified by activation method
-> 2- Reboot System
-> 3- Bootsect to reset the MBR to its original state, and may install another loader
-> 4- Uninstall the current key this
-> 5- Installation of a trial key compatible with the operating system run, auto-detection ...
-> 6- Installing original KB971033 update, for the total operating system without WAT patches
-> 7- One rearm unlimited windows, if you have already reset
-> 8- Second Reboot & Finish the procedure.

- Requirements

-> Administrator Account in Windows
-> Any version of Windows 7 E / N, build 7600 or later, X86 / X64
-> Run this program as administrator ...

- Warnings

-> Programs like RemoveWAT, CHEW7, HAL7600, Which Were installed, most did not work, do not uninstall them, the program takes care of restoring the files from windows
-> It takes two reboots
-> Disable UAC
-> No file or program is erased.

File name: MBR Regenerator 1.1.exe
MD5 : 0b90fe8a95b1c3e329164b3a8a44adbe
SHA1 : 4ab3e47c16b9eb46e3186812846794251bfc92bc
SHA256: 42c39b21ab47ff4cd0af67af531131018c891b0d2463fe04a2 b2e671abaad5e4

- Release log versions

- New interface
- Added compatibility with X64 systems
- Added detection of the operating system and platform
- Added Admin Manifest for a better functioning
- Several fixes and improvements not mentioned gifts

- Credits

--> This is program uses WatFix by Daz, thx for the tool;
--> Version 1.1 - 2011/01/15 Copyright 2011 Josh Cell, All rights reserved.

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