WOAT v3.1 - Windows 7 / Office 2010 VL Activation Tool (OEM/KMS Activator)

WOAT it’s a versatile tool that Check for Activation Status (W7/O2010), Rearm forever (W7), Activate W7 and Servers (OEM/KMS), Activates Office 2010 VL (KMS), Reset W7/Servers Back to Trial Mode and many more...
WOAT Main Features:
•Activation Status Check (W7/Office)
•OEM Activation (W7) (Slic v2.1 only)
•KMS Activation (W7/Servers/Office)
•Resets W7 Back to Trial (All Versions / Except Multipoint)
•Rearm Forever (W7)

OEM Activation Support:
Note: Slic v2.1 only
•Windows 7 Starter to Ultimate.

KMS Activation Support:
•Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise (N and E), and Multipoint Server.
•Office 2010 VL Editions Of:
Professional Plus, Standard, Small Business Basic, Project Professional/Standard, Visio Premium / Professional / Standard, Mondo / Mondo 2, Word, Excel ,

PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Groove, InfoPath, OneNote and Publisher.
•Reset to trial Supports:
•Windows 7 Starter to Ultimate (N and E).
•Infinite Rearm Support:
•Windows 7 Started to Ultimate (N and E), All Server Editions except Multipoint.

Thanks go to:
•ancestor(v) – (MDL Administrator)
•Opa - (Opa Tool)
•Phazor - (KMS Front!)
•MasterDisaster – (Scripter)
•MDL Forums and all of you.

Release Notes 3.1:
•Script Updated and Improved.
•KMS Activation Updated for Office and Windows.
•Console icon changed.
•Add Support for Multipoint (KMS Activation).
•Remove IORRT. Thread Here.

Important note: KMS Activation Will fail if you have a space name in account.
E.G. myname = Good / my name = Fail.
the new version will fix this and will come with some new features.

Dodol P4r3

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