ClearLock v1.4.0 - Transparent Lock Screen With Password Protection

We see users having transparent lock screen for their Windows Phone, Android, and iOS devices. Why not one for our Windows 7 desktop? If you are having a mobile device with transparent lock screen, you will love this transparent screen for your Windows 7 and Vista desktop as well.
ClearLock is a tiny and standalone lock screen with password protection for Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. The purpose of this tool is to provide a way to disable input to your Windows while still allowing you to see what’s going on.

The lock screen is very simple with a transparent background which shows your desktop in the background. If you enter an invalid password for 3 times, you will not be allowed to enter the password for the next 5 minutes. And, when you access the system after entering the correct password, it shows the number of invalid login attempts as well.

As this is a standalone tool, you needn’t to install it. Simply download and run the tool tool . On the first run, you will be asked to set a password for the screen.

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