Nero Express 10 Lite Edition 2011

Nero Express
Nero Express is powered by the ultimate Nero burning engine using a wizard-style user interface. Easily burn your audio, data, and video discs in just a few clicks.

Nero CoverDesigner
Nero CoverDesigner helps you create custom CD and DVD covers and labels with images from your scanner, digital camera, or the Internet.

Nero InfoTool
Nero InfoTool provides important information on your installed optical drives and software configuration capabilities.

Repack Info:

Nero Express, Nero CoverDesigner and Nero InfoTool.
I have Tested this Fully with the following Operating Systems listed below Successfully:
Windows XP SP3 x86 Only, Vista And Windows 7 x86 And x64.

No Keygen or Crack Needed
After Installation has Finished 2x Shortcuts will be created on the Desktop (Nero Control Center And Nero Serial)

How to:
1. Open Nero Control Center and look for the License Tab.
2. Open the Nero Serial and Click on the Add Button, it will now be added with the Plugin Serials.

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