PGP Desktop for Windows 10.1.1 Multilingual.

PGP® Desktop Home is an easy-to-use desktop encryption application that secures individuals’ most valuable and confidential information. PGP Desktop Home uses the same trusted, mature PGP® encryption technology that has been proven effective by millions of users, security experts, and organizations worldwide. Desktop and laptop computers with gigabytes of storage often contain a complete history of banking receipts, tax returns, family information, and other private data. System theft and malware are just some of the ways personal information can be exposed and used by identity thieves. PGP Desktop Home provides users with these options to encrypt files for everyday use, or encrypt and compress for sharing or backup.
•Automatically encrypt email with the installed desktop email application without pressing any special buttons
•Protect files in automatically expanding virtual drives or easily shared archives
•Secure AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) sessions between PGP® Desktop users

Dodol P4r3

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