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Elysium II Pack Themes For Windows 7
Elysium II Pack Themes For Windows 7 | 20.88 Mb

I have corrected some minor flaws in the taskbar buttons, where the indicator flashes would "bleed" outside the button's frame. Fixed the start menu sizing problem in the Basic mode of the theme. Removed annoying white line of the right window frame in the Basic mode of the theme. Added custom Windows Media Player as well as made a new user frame on the start menu as well. This pack will not interfere with any of the other Elysium themes, if you already have them installed on your system. Also made this version to be distinguished from any other version(s) of Elysium, so no confusion between this pack and my other versions.
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Robi450 Neon Blue Pack v0.6.4 Theme For Windows 7 | 34.63 Mb

Added: new MUI dialogs (ported from russian to english) - new bitmaps - And many other modifications...
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Dodol P4r3

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