Windows XP SP3 150mb (January 2011)

Windows XP SP3 150mb (January 2011)

Platform: x86
Treatment: not required
Size: 151 Mb

    Windows XP SP3 150mb - which is one of the lowest assemblies Windows XP SP3, existing at a given time. Completely automatic installation. Irreplaceable thing for those who have weak "machine."

    -Cut out everything that does not need and what is not used in everyday life!
    -Fully automatic installation!
    -You only need to specify the partition and go for tea (she just put minutes 7-10).
    -It goes all the games that on normal XP!
    -Also, all programs "(All that we use. This is a photoshop, antivirus, torrent, opera and everything else).
    From myself, added a nice theme that I have a long-standing + HD picture with a resolution of 3300 X 2200. This means that the fit on any screen.
    -Just leave the default theme.
    -Shell is not touched.
    -All of the standard as a license.
    Processes is very small.
    -After the installation is involved ~ 50 MB of RAM (sm.skrin)
    -The hard drive after installing the wind takes less than 1 gigabyte!

    Update 01/27/2011
    -Minor corrections and omissions.
    -Returned Standard Logon (instead of a black screen version of 110 mb)
    -Signed properly in the properties of PC
    -The standard Windows XP theme has replaced the picture on the HD in the resolution of 3500 x 2300

    Installed software and libraries:
    WinRAR v3.71
    AIMP 2 v2.61 (instead of the standard WMP 9)
    DirectX June 2010
    Flash Player v10.45
    Microsoft Visual C + +, 2005,2008,2010
    Runtime Library "on all occasions"
    Mozilla Firefox 3.6.11 + Yandex bar. (Instead of IE 6)

    Additional Information:
    You will only need to install NET.Framework 1-4 (not built because it weighs more than the vinda xDD) and drivers for their devices and PCs. The image of the record through any program that knows how to use it. Personally, I record through the Ultra ISO.

    MD5 (. Exe): 5ebec0701f24449e1144450869ae1320
    MD5 ISO: 6144BBC5E9D169649CE101AB3261EE5C
    System requirements: Most minimum for Windows XP
    Platform: x86

Download: FileTorrent

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