Fully Glass Theme 7


1.) Use Universal Theme Patcher To Patch Necessary Windows Files if you didn't it before to apply thirdparty Styles.
2.) Open the 'Theme' folder. which you download
3.) Drag both 'Fully Glass.theme' and the 'Theme' folder to 'C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\'
4.) Right click on desktop -> Personalize...there you should see in Installed Themes.Click on it to apply theme.


Dodol P4r3

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Wah terlalu nih blog dari dulu ane minta klo file2 yg diatas 2mb di upload'a ke sharebeast eh tetep ajah masih di upload di ziddu :(

gw tau klo di ziddu admin'a bisa dapet duit tpi jgn kecewain pengunjung blog donk !!

pasang sih ok2 ajah tpi yg ga ok tuh download di ziddu.

klo mau upload di ziddu tuh crack/sn'a doank