Universal Subtitles - Insert clip Vietnamese subtitles on YouTube, Vimeo,

Subtitles Universal service allows you to add multiple subtitle languages ​​(including Vietnamese) to video clips on YouTube, Vimeo,
You then enter the path of the video clip to insert into an individual cell For video and click Submit Video.

Subtitle insertion is done through four steps:
Step 1: Choose your language
You press the button Subtitle M e bottom bracket play video clips. When you see the dialog box Add subtitles appear, select the clip in the original language section is in this video, and subtitle language in Section I am subtitling in, then click CONTINUE twice.

Step 2: Subtitle Editor
This time, videos will be shown. You just watch and type in the subtitles as needed. Clip will be played in 8 seconds and then pause for you to easily type in the subtitles. When typing, you press Tab to move to 8 seconds, or press Shift + Tab to "rewind" the clip about 8 seconds before. If you want to switch to another type, click the arrow in the box Speed ​​Mode and select one of three modes: Beginner (default mode, the clip will stop after every 8 seconds, as I mentioned), Recommended (clip itself stop action as you type, so select this mode for ease of implementation), Expert (clip will be played continuously even if you type the subtitles or not, you press the Tab key to stop).
Finished typing, click Done? Next Step: Syncing> Continue .

Step 3: Sync subtitles to the video clip
After you have finished typing the sentence subtitles for video clips, you need to select appropriate time to display each question in the subtitle. You press Play to play the video clip. As to the need for women to appear, you press the down arrow. You turn to perform for the rest of the sentence until the end subtitle video clip. If not satisfied, click Restart this step to sync again, or press Back to Typing undo subtitle editor.
Finished, click Done? Next Step: Reviewing> Continue to review the complete video clip.

Step 4: Publish clip
If satisfied, click Done? Submit your work to be published with subtitle clip. Then, you copy the path in Section Permalink to share with others, or press the Post to Facebook , Post to Twitter to share on Facebook, Twitter.

If you want to insert subtitles in another language clip, click the Add Translation insert subtitles and then perform the same as above.


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