Jumat, 04 Maret 2011

Windows 7 Activator

100% working windows 7 activator
1 - After downloading the file extract it using winRAR or similar program
2 - Go to Windows 7 Activator folder
3 - Run The "7Loader Release 5.exe" file Click Select Task
4 - Here You Can Either Choose To Let Your PC Have The Name Of A Brand.
5 - Select The "Please Select" Dropdown Windows and Choose Any Brand Name That You Want Your Computer To Show.. Example : Acer,Dell,alienware Biostar ECT.
6 - Then Click "Activate slic Present" And Wait (Be Patient While It Works) Then another Window Will Pop Up .. Just Choose anything.
7 - Afterward Click "Install information 32bit" Or "Install information 64Bit" Depending On Your Operating System.
8 - Now Hit The "Hazar Option 2" Button ... Wait Till Finished Then restart Your Pc.


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