Windows XP Version 2011 SP3 Ubuntu Style

-The Windows XP Version 2011 SP3 Ubuntu Style and made from the Windows XP SP3 Hotfix Full and updated to December 1-2011.
-To change the look of the original Windows style of Ubuntu bring new users.
-Type of dropping a few important components of Windows.
-Integrated with a number of popular software for users less time-consuming installation.

Format:. ISO
Size: 671M
Split: Part 7 (6 part 1 part 100M & 71M)
Hotfix: 1-2011
Burn Disk Setup from Boot CD
Unattended Setup
[Quote [Error Reporting
Desktop Cleanup Wizard
File and Settings Wizard
Help and Support
Search Assistant
Security Center
Pinball [/ quote]
Add Software:

Flash player
Bypassed altogether 3.0
Standard KLiteCodec Ver7
Office 2003 (Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint) & Special thanks to svfkesmrd10
Firefox 3.6 VN
WinRAR 3.93 Ubuntu Style

Visual C + + 2005
Visual C + + 2008
Visual C + + 2010

Rocket Dock
Ubuntu Style Themes
All In One Cursors
Wallpapers Collection
Sounds Ubuntu Style 
SO: DE2F88DF - B411DCD2 - 55607311 - 3EF019DD
001: 1608E4E1 - 1EE2A156 - 23586F94 - CC9B7631
002: 2FDC3623 - 3632F643 - 814E54E7 - C47A7A7E
003: 59ED13F4 - 869B6B84 - E563EF85 - AA9A56EB
004: 1436E903 - E39BC5B1 - 549FBC86 - 4EFCB515
005: 08549B7B - 369F7C45 - D2D6451A - 3F094168
006: FDB37D92 - C3D24060 - 77975EE1 - 0988FDB0
007: 2ABD40A1 - 127B9AA2 - 7624A259 - 719204FA 

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