FarStone VirtualDrive Pro v14.0.

VirtualDrive® Pro 14 has a unique burning capability that allows you to copy your CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs, games, and other programs to physical discs and Virtual CDs. VirtualDrive® Pro 14 allows you to convert original discs into a Virtual CD (VCD), which plays in any one of up to 23 VCD drives. VirtualDrive® Pro 14 provides a quick and responsive playback without leaving any wear or tear on your disc drive.
• Blu-ray Support
VirtualDrive enables you to easily read, burn, record, clone unprotected Blu-ray discs
• Innovative Display Mode
Cover flow helps to select, operate, edit, and delete CD/DVD/BD
• Customizable Cover
Users can create a custom cover for every Virtual CD
• Touch screen support
Enlarged icons displayed on user interface, easy to use
• Wizard Procedure
Create and burn CDs/DVDs/BDs with easy clicks
• Disc Support
VirtualDrive Pro reads Blu-Ray discs, CD-ROM discs, audio CDs, mixed-mode CDs, photo CDs, video CDs (DVD-ROMs data-mode), and unencrypted video DVDs, and offers the same game and disc support as VirtualDrive 14.
• Free Live Update Subscription
Get the latest product features, patches, fixes, and game support. It’s free in all current versions of VirtualDrive Pro!
• Optimal Performance
Run games and applications as VCDs with access rates more than 200 times faster than physical discs. Plus, there’s no spin-up delay!
• CD/DVD/BD Archiving
Organize your virtual CDs in a searchable library.
• Intuitive GUI
VirtualDrive Pro’s brand new, user-friendly interface gets you up and running in no time!
• Disc Backup
Protect your CDs/DVDs/BDs from loss, theft, and damage by using high-quality disc images (VCDs) instead.
• Multiple Disc Play
Pre-load up to 23 virtual discs and toggle back and forth between games or virtual CD volumes without having to wait for physical discs to spin up.
• Portability and Convenience
Transport your virtual CDs on a laptop, an external hard drive, and other common digital storage media.
• Custom VCD Creation
Make a virtual CD file containing applications, documentation, expansion packs, etc. and share it over a network.
• CD/DVD/BD Burning
Burn data, music, and game CDs and DVDs directly from VirtualDrive, and make backup copies of your favorite game discs.

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