Mandriva Linux 2010.2

Faster, sexier. 

Get ready to be impressed by your system! It starts faster than ever! Mandriva provides three different themes designed by a professional to improve your user experience: choose the one you like! If you don't find the one that suits you, choose among all the wallpapers available.

GNOME 2.30

  • As a preview of GNOME 3.0, you can have a look on gnome-shell which redefines users' interactions with their desktops.
  • Tomboy now can sync your notes with the Snowy web service
  • Pitivi video editor has been updated to version 0.13.4 which includes a complete core rewrite. Lots of interesting improvements for end users are in the pipeline for next versions.
  • Empathy is now installed by default instead of Pidgin

KDE 4.4.3.

Many new features to KDE 4, including some that were notably present in KDE 3 but lacking in KDE 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2, along with some brand new features. It should also provide a more stable desktop experience than KDE 4.2.
  • Data migration from KDE 3: data will be backed up and migrated to KDE 4 (user preferences, mails, ...)
  • Hourly background switch: a new plasmo├»d, plasma-wallpaper-timeoftheday, to have hourly switch of backgrounds (in desktop configuration menu)
  • Nepomuk integration: Nepomuk technology has been further integrated. You will be able to organize your desktop depending on your projects, annotate documents, ... Complete information
  • Amarok 2.3.1 final release: many bug fixes and at last ability back to read Cds.
  • Kmymoney2: it has been removed as it's much too unstable for now. It has been replaced by skrooge. You can safely export your data from kmymoney and import it in skrooge.
  • KOffice 2.2.2
  • Digikam 1.3.0

Mandriva smart desktop.

Your desktop is even smarter and helps you in your every day activities. You have many documents, mails, data, pictures, videos. You can now organize them according to your projects. Add notes, comments, tags in few mouse clics.
Your data will then be available, more easily, just when you need them.

OpenOffice makes every day more open.

Mandriva Linux 2010.2 includes Go-OO branch of the popular That means more features, like SVG support, 3D transitions, VBA support, KDE 4 integration and Includes useful extensions.

Configure your desktop.

Mandriva Control Center is an exclusive feature of Mandriva Linux. It is even easier to setup your system, network and hardware.
The RPMDrake software manager gives you access to more than 20,000 software packages.
Your printer is automatically detected and can be configured in few clicks.
Internet has never been easier: connect to the Internet either in broadband, Wi-Fi or 3G.
You have never been as secure: you are protected from spyware and viruses thanks to the built-in firewall. And thanks to the parental control, your children can have safe access to the Internet.


Mozilla Firefox

A better, faster, safer Web.

With Mozilla Firefox 3.6.13.
Sage Math

Sage Math

A mathematic software system, Sage Math 4.4 includes softwares like gap, singular, polymake, linbox, and many other scientific applications.


Elisa has now been renamed to Moovida. It includes a brand new graphical user interface.


LiVES and OpenShot are proposed as video editors.
Parental control

Parental control improved.

Drakguard already helps you... You can now:
  • authorize or block any application,
  • authorize or block internet according to your timetable.
Guest account

Make your guests feel at home.

Don't be afraid to let your friend use your computer as the guest account can get connected without modifying your system or your data.
Live Upgrade

Live upgrade.

Mandriva Online now notifies you about new versions of Mandriva Linux and you can upgrade at once. No need to reinstall everything!

Install just what is necessary.

Minimal installation size has been improved by 25% so that you have more space on your disk to store whatever matters to you.

Wi-Fi now easier to setup.

You can now double check your WEP/WPA keys as you type and make sure you didn’t make any mistake before submitting your key.

Easier partitioning at install time.

Disk partition tool is now even easier for everyone. The new layout gives more information using graphical representation.
Ext4 is now being used as the default filesystem for newly created partitions.

Better Mandriva tools.

XFdrake – allows you to enable or disable (in Options) the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace key combination to restart the graphical server. This feature is enabled by default.
Tomoyo-gui – is a completely new frontend for Tomoyo, the new security framework used by default instead of AppArmor.
Netprofiles – Network profiles management tool has been completely rewritten. Using it you can easily create and use several network profiles depending where you are (at home, with friends, at work...).
net_monitor – Network monitoring tool is available in Mandriva Linux, it is replacing net_monitor application from drakx-net package. You can reach it from net_applet.
mdkonline – You can now configure frequency for updates. Right click on the icon or use mcc in "software" section.

RPMDrake gets smarter.

You can now search in full package names, version, release and even using regular expressions.
RPMDrake also provides you with more useful information in a better layout and with screenshots.
And, when there are kernel updates, you will be asked to remove your old kernel – only the last two kernels will be kept.


Virtualbox 3.1.8 – now supports SMP virtual machines, has improved 3D support and better performance.
Xen kernel 2.6.32 – is now included.
qemu-kvm – the KVM virtualization tool is now available in kvm package.
Hardware support

Even better hardware support.

Mandriva Linux 2010.2 gets all of Linux 2.6.33 kernel benefits: improved wireless support, enhancements for RTL 8187 wireless driver, included support for RTL 8187 SE wireless driver and adopt Mesh utilities and test support for ralink, atheros and others.
You also get better hardware support for 3G USB keys, like download/upload quotas, PIN/PUK code management, operator selection.
As well as better support of audio and video hardware; updates to the Ext3 & Ext4 filesystems; faster encryption and booting; Tomoyo security framework. 7.5 with xorg-server 1.7.7 –: new driver version for Intel graphic chipset should improve performance and stability, thanks to DRI2 and UXA architecture.
Much more

And there are more!

Bash 4.1 – Python 2.6.5 – PHP 5.3 – Apache 2.2.15 – Glibc 2.11.1 – GCC 4.4.3 – etc.
See the full release notes here.

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