Martview 2222.0 Portable

MartView - a program to view files in PDF. Everything would be easy if it were not for one moment, on which the developers have emphasized the development of its product. This is a representation of electronic editions on your screen in a form as if it was a real paper journal.

When you start MartView turns the entire screen, providing maximum space for the pages of the document.
To move to the next or previous page pull the edge of the page, as we do in normal reading books or magazines. Swipe is accompanied by a nice animation, but for completeness of sensations that we face a "real" magazine is not enough except that the sounds of paper.

You have three options view the document:
* Flipping view - view the online magazine, described above.
* Horizontal view - view the document with perehodomi the following pages horizontally.
* Vertical slide - as in the previous paragraph, only to view the file by the vertical, which is typical for most programs, readers.

In addition to reading documents from your computer, MartView allows you to download books and magazines with their own server (the button Download E-Book).

All materials are divided into categories, next to the names of which displays the number of available materials. In the right pane displays a list of magazines / books with more information about the name, file size and so on. You can filter the results by language. However, whatever the chosen language in the table with the categories of materials of materials remains the same. That is, if in the category of architecture to the filter has been written that is available 100 books, and after selecting the language, this number does not change. So rather difficult to navigate through the library, especially if you do not know what you are looking.

MartView has a built-in download manager, with the possibility to stop the download and pause.
We also note creation function (Create E-Book) and download electronic books in the library MartView (Upload E-Book).
MarView very interesting program that will find its admirers among the fans of glossy magazines.

Operating system: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

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