Super Password Guard 3.1

The secure solution for storing all your passwords!
Super Password Guard is a powerful yet compact and easy to use password manager program that allows you to store all your passwords and data snippets in a single, easy to navigate and secure database. It is not limited to storing only passwords - you can store any information you want, like key codes and serial number of purchased software programs, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, membership numbers, magazine/newspaper subscription dates etc.

Storing all your useful information in one place makes it very easy to find it when required and you can also backup all this data at once just by copying single database file.

Main features:

1. Fast, compact and easy to use program with familiar interface similar to Windows Explorer.
2. Encrypted password database files, accessible only via user selectable master password (for enhanced security, master password is used as encryption/decryption key only and is not stored anywhere). You can also assign a short master password hint text so if you accidentally forget your master password, the hint will help you to recall it.
3. Make custom categorys/subcategorys to divide your accounts into logical categorys for easier access.
4. Security lock. you can set manual or automatically lock the program. So the program will lock automatically(or manual) if you are away from your computer.
5. Built-in password generator. Includes password generator that generates unique non-guessable passwords.
6. Powerful Search function that allows you to easily filter and display accounts across all categorys.
7. Multi-user environment support. Each database is stored in a single file.
8. Export your database to Text file. you can print of this text file.
9. Strong U.S. government approved Rijndael encryption (256-bit key).
10.Custom sorting and column width.
11.View/hide sensitive information switch, you can mark what columns contain sensitive information.
12. Enhanced Windows XP user interface when run on Windows XP.

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