Avast Internet Security 6 With License Till 2012

What’s new in Avast! 6:-

    AutoSandbox, suspicious programs will be optionally run sandboxed and – Improvements in the Avast! sandbox
    Avast! WebRep, browser plugin for website reputation rating.
    Script Shield and Site Blocking
    SafeZone, a special virtualized area for sensitive transactions. This feature available on Avast paid version only.
    Restore factory settings command
    Automatic actions in the boot-time scan
    New compression method in the installer makes the setup packages about 20% smaller.
    Sidebar gadget for windows 7 and vista
    Improved stability and compatibility of the Behavior Shield

How to install Licence:-
1. Run the setup ‘setup_ais.exe’
2. During installation it will ask you to activate ‘trial mode’, But don’t activate just select the 2'nd option and browse the licence file you’ve downloaded.
3 Finish the installation and you are done.

Dodol P4r3

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