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Counter Strike Source (PC)
Counter Strike Source

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Introduction: Counter Strike Source PC Game Review 2011

The most played online shooter PC Game.

The franchise Counter Strike, the last 11 years is the most played online game, so much so, that is the king of the cyber-halls, and therefore I think he deserves an analysis.

The level of maturity of Counter Strike Source is well worth a review of its origins and future potential.

In this version of Counter Strike Source PC Game 2011
, evolution has this been more graphically that when it comes to gameplay. Some official maps have not yet been added, although currently there are a lot of maps after several updates through Steam, something to be discussed later.
Gameplay Counter Strike Source PC Game 2011

For those who do not know, CS Source 2011
game is based in part on LAN or via Internet. We can also play alone with bots, but it is not recommended.

There are two teams divided into terrorists and anti-terrorists.

In some maps the objective is to rescue hostages, where anti-terrorism will have to bring the hostage rescue zone, which is often the starting point in the anti-terrorist team, although they tend to be two places to the rescue. Note that on some maps, especially cs_italy, the hostages do not seem entirely suited to the map and you may have to go back for having been one down the road.
In the other maps the terrorists have to plant a bomb that explodes once placed in 35 seconds (although this depends on the server you’re playing). The anti-terrorist team can turn it off, but if it comes, the terrorists will win the round.
The round will also end if a team runs out of players or is terminated do stop the stipulated time.

Counter Strike Source PC game is divided into maps that, as already mentioned, can be prepared to defuse bombs or rescue hostages. Although dependent on the server you play, usually a map usually lasts about 20 minutes. Turn, will be going round a certain time, usually 5 minutes (but usually end up before).
The round ends when one team runs out of players or when the objectives discussed above have been achieved.
Once over the total time spend map to another map (default, or by vote)
We see the time remaining to the map by pressing the “y” and typing “TimeLeft”.

As you can see, the game may seem rather repetitive and may not like to impatient, because it is not a deathmatch. That is, if you die in a round, you’ll have to wait to begin the next, so if you die you will soon have to wait to begin the next, but for those players eager quiet, there DeathMatch servers.

In the game we have different weapons, from a Usp pistol, an AK-47, and even grenades, reaching more than twenty different weapons, although the shield has been removed from version 1.6.

In the maps of Counter Strike Source PC game we play we can see many objects, each with its own physics. The interaction with the objects that we find is very low. We can not take anything or use anything except gates and buttons, we can not throw objects, another option that does exist is to break pots, computers (chassis, motherboard, fan …), windows, buckets that move to pass over them, bodies and moving arms by the blast of a grenade … But in no time we’ll see anything that surprised us, at least compared with what is currently in style games, yet we can assure that holds the type.

When a round starts you have a small amount of money that will increase round by round, win or not. Of course, we will gain more if our team wins, we conclude a target, or otherwise kill some and lose money if we kill a hostage or partner. The money you invest in buying a bulletproof vest and weapons. Different from Counter Strike 2011
PC, with the latest update is no longer necessary to purchase ammunition.
Otherwise it is a “shooter” simple network play, on rounds, and game speed slower than Quake or Unreal. In any case there is a frantic game.

Finally, in Counter Strike Source PC game in terms of gameplay, I must say that we do not have the ability to use rocket launchers, tanks, or any other vehicle on official maps.
Graphics: Counter Strike Source PC

Today is already a bit outdated graphically, since the Source engine of Half Life 3 and I weigh the years. We have good examples such as Dark Messiah, you using the same engine but more advanced, have achieved great graphics, but will not be the case. Would even commented that most of the maps the graphics quality will be even lower than in Half Life 3.

We will see interesting details through the Havok engine, a “program” that many games now use bodies and objects to act as realistically as possible. We also find it difficult to see bodies placed in the same way by another technique called ragdoll.

On some maps of Counter Strike Source PC game they have included the option HDR, the dazzling effect that simulates the exposure to a source of light. But we can turn off if our team is having trouble developing the game more smoothly.

In addition to this we have a wide range of graphic options in the menu to go to neutralize some to increase the fluidity of your computer if you see problems when running the game.

The truth is that once we get down to play, seldom we look at the reflections in the ground or how water is made, when the best but very bright at the moment it left the game to market.
Sound: Counter Strike Source PC Game

In this section, when we have a good sound card and speakers in 5.1, can benefit substantially from the game, because we can more easily locate colleagues and enemies. We may also choose the audio quality for a lower consumption of the PC, select the volume of microphone sound reception and volume of our sound. There is even the possibility of doing a speaker test to see if they all work correctly.

Once we get to play CS Source we can see that every weapon has a different sound, and eventually you will know that arms is the only other team to hear. This will be very useful to know whether to throw a grenade, a flash, if someone pulls a knife, or if you are shooting with the sniper …
The footsteps sound change as we go walking on a type of terrain or other (wood, sand, grass, stones, metal parts), also the shots sound different depending on the material in which an impact albeit without the range of sounds of Oblivion another great game.

The only points where the sound weakens in the absence of music, as even a simple tune with us on the main menu and that it existed in Counter Strike: Condition Zero. The music is not at all necessary, but would give a better presentation. Another point that does not affect anything in the gameplay but you can always subtract note is that the hostages would not be dubbed into Castilian when other previous versions they were.

Online gambling: Counter Strike Source PC

Being a multiplayer title, requires connection to the Internet, but does not require any fee, once you forget the game and you do not have to pay more. But in this case necessarily need to have activated an account on Steam. This many people find it a nuisance, but it is a breakthrough in the fight against piracy, because if not active on the Internet, the Counter Strike Source PC game will not work.

This platform is getting a great response lately and every time you can find more games to buy. Once we have created an account with your name and password, we will activate the product that we purchased through the key that we have provided.

From Steam to find servers, we can add friends to see what game they are playing, chat with them, invite them to a game or go where they are. All this we can do both if we are playing or not.
Few can blame failure on this platform, because you also automatically updates all the games you have installed, make a backup copy of games you have, defragments the game so that takes less time to load, and you can even install the pc games without use the CD, but when you use the connection for downloading files the estimated time will be much higher, so it is advisable to install from the CD or DVD and then upgrade, and uninstall when making a backup for the next that we will install the Counter Strike Source PC game a long time we avoid upgrading.


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