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ExtremeCopy can speed up copy from 20% to 120% over the default speed copy of Windows. Unlike the accelerated program before copying, the program will automatically optimize and speed based on system resources to copy speeds reach the highest efficiency.
The features of this application;

Copy and move files extremely fast
* You can pause / resume the copy process, if you need. And time as well as copy space copy will be calculated and displayed correctly
* In case of copying or moving data packets have been locked, the application will halt the copy that file and continue copying the other data is not locked.
*Windows XP/2003/Vista/7

Written by two small trials between ExtremeCopy, TeraCopy and functionality of Windows 7 available to find the "kings" on the true "race" to copy data. At the first turn, all three writers for the same copy a folder containing four mkv file, srt, html, txt (total size 289MB) from the system drive portable hard drive, while the second weekly copy of the ISO file Windows 7 (size 2.32 MB) from the drive system on portable hard drives. Results are as follows:

Data Type: Folder containing four mkv file, srt, txt and html, with a total capacity of 289MB

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