Vista Sidebar & Cristal XP for Windows XP FIXED

This is a package I use to install the Vista Sidebar on Windows XP. I know - Windows XP is old, no longer supported by Microsoft, etc. Well, I've got "average" computers in terms of speed and age and I simply prefer Windows XP to Vista or Windows 7. Windows XP runs well on my hardware and all of my software works, on XP, too. By the way, a lot of the XP hacks that are floating around include this deal. I've tinkered with lots of those and, though they're fun, I still prefer plain old XP with this single add-on.

I believe I got this, originally, from Demonoid and then it simply disappeared. Don't know how many people will like this but I repair computers and I've been using it on client's machines - and my own - for years.

You will need the following to make this rascal work:

    Windows XP with service pack 3 (I don't believe it will work with service pack 2)
    Java, preferably (I know that some gadgets require Java - I'm not sure about the sidebar itself)
    This includes a bundle of pretty good gadgets.
    There are 2, small, installer files and a READ_ME doc included - but it's brain-dead
    That's all, folks!

NOTE/UPDATE: I've got numerous XP discs and with some
builds you'll get a warning saying that this thing has replaced some
system files. I just click, "That's fine" - or whatever the heck
the option is to continue - and nothing bad has ever happened....

Download : Vista Sidebar
Download : Cristal XP

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