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Visual Web Ripper 2.35.9 Pro

Why use Visual Web Ripper
Manual content extraction from web sites can be very time consuming and is often not feasible at all if you want to extract complete content structures such as product catalogues. Visual Web Ripper makes this process very easy and fully automated.

Visual Web Ripper runs as a Windows service that can collect content on a scheduled basis, so your collected content will always be up-to-date. For example, you could extract currency rates from a website on a daily basis and always have up-to-date currency rates in your database.

Visual Web Ripper's comprehensive feature set makes it easy to create advanced solutions. Let's say you already have a product catalogue in your database, but needs some extra information, such as product reviews or vendor description, then you can use Visual Web Ripper to extract information for each product you have in your database.

Visual Web Ripper is very easy to use because of the visual designer that allows users to collect content by simply clicking on the content elements they want to extract. The visual designer, data collector and scheduler combines into a very powerful ready-to-use application, but you can take things a step further and obtain complete control of the application by using the programming API.

If you have .NET programming skills you can bring the full power of Visual Web Ripper straight into your own applications. The Visual Web Ripper programming interface provides full access to every single feature in Visual Web Ripper, so you can create and modify projects, or run a project and access collected data directly before it is even saved to an external data source.

Feature list

Visual Web Ripper is full of unique and powerful features that will allow you to extract content from web sites where other extraction tools fail.

We have listed some of the most important features here.
Visual Web Ripper has a visual editor to define projects and templates. You use a mouse to click on the content you want to collect, so no coding is required.
Visual Web Ripper can automatically walk through whole web sites and collect complete content structures such as product catalogues or search results
Visual Web Ripper can walk through a website just as you would when using a normal Internet browser, so AJAX and other javascripts are fully supported.
Visual Web Ripper has a fast multi-threaded data collector for web sites where AJAX is not required for data extraction.
Visual Web Ripper can repeatedly submit forms for all possible combinations of input values in dropdown boxes, or you can supply a list of input values by yourself.
You can supply parameter data from a database, such as form input values or URLs that should be visited.
Visual Web Ripper can extract data from most framesets and iframes.
A list of anonymous proxy servers can be setup to hide your IP-address and facillitate anonymous web scrapping.
You can schedule content extraction to keep data up-to-date. The scheduler includes email notification, logging and status screens.
Advanced selection techniques make project templates more resistant to structural changes on web pages, so a scheduled project can keep collecting data even if the structure of a webpage changes slightly.
Email notifications can be sent out if the structure of a webpage changes so much that you must modify the scheduled project to continue extracting content from the webpage.
Unique features allow you to extract data from web pages with an unstructured "flow" of content. Most other web data extraction tools are unable to extract data from such web pages.
You can collect many different types of content, such as text, links, images, files, meta tags, tag attributes and many more.
Visual Web Ripper supports AJAX and other javascripts, so now you can collect content from all these cool websites that are fully AJAX enabled.
You can run data extraction projects from the command line.
You can save extracted content to databases, spreadsheets, XML or CSV files. You can also save the data in an internal memory structure that can be used in conjunction with the API.
Custom scripting in C#, VB.NET or Regex allows transformation of content as it is being extracted.
You can use custom post-processing modules (.NET assemblies) to post-process data after it has been extracted. Custom modules are automatically triggered after a project has run.
Visual Web Ripper includes a powerful API. You can use the API to modify and run projects from within your own applications, or use the API in conjunction with a post-processing module to easily post-process collected data.
The Visual Web Ripper installer package includes examples showing how to build custom post-processing modules and how to use the API.


- New template option "Recursive" can be used on link
templates to open the same template recursively as long
as the template selection exists.

- A memory leak may occur in the browser control when
setting browser behaviour in project options. The memory
leak has not been fixed, but the browser behaviour options
are now turned off by default.

Home Page - http://www.visualwebripper.com

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