Backbox Linux 2 x64 2011 (English-Russian)

Year: 2011
Title: backbox
Version: 2 (x64)
Type: os
Language: English / Russian
Assembly: No

The development team BackBox team is new stable release of the specialized distribution GNU / Linux, designed for pen-testing and evaluating the security of computer systems.
BackBox Linux 2 is built on the code base Ubuntu 11.04, 2.6.38 kernel and desktop environment Xfce 4.8.0; improved performance, the distribution has a new look and feel, improved menus, fixes. Toolbox pen-tester is updated, new tools, there were three new sections: vulnerability assessment, forensic analysis and VoIP analysis.

System requirements:
Ram 128mb
hdd 10gb

Dodol P4r3

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