The Holy Quran V5.0 Portable with Patch by Dr.AhmadBelal - No Installation

 Special thanks from the heart to "Ariss Computer Inc." for this great encyclopedic program "The Holy Quran V5.0" that really helps a lot of people.
A complete encyclopedia for recitation, explanations, and tajweed.

Al Tafaseer: Al Tabary, Al Kurtuby, Al Galalayn, Ibn Katheer, and Al Saady.

Languages: Arabic, English and French.

- If you move "The Holy Quran V5.0" from its default setup directory or rename it, it will not work well as it will not load its contents and books.

- So, (Alhamdu LELLAH) I made this patch for this purpose to be easy for you to distribute "The Holy Quran V5.0" portable (without installation) among your friends and all they have to do is "JUST APPLY THE PATCH" after moving or renaming it and the patch will adjust it to the new path.
This Patch is not a virus or something like that.

- Steps:

Extract with latest "winrar" or "7-zip" or any others ...
Extract to any path you want on your hard disk, and just apply the patch.
If you move it to another path or rename it, just apply the patch again.

I have been using it in that way for over 3 years on XP, and no one problem occurred.
I delayed for uploading because I had no Internet until this year.
I was adjusting it manually, but I have just made the patch as an easy way for you.

- Finally, I hope you benefit and ALLAH accepts ... Thanks.

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