Senin, 03 Oktober 2011

PixEasy 2.4522 Multilingual (+ Portable)

PixEasy - allows you to edit images easily and quickly. This is a very flexible program that allows you to work with the five most common image formats. It is also possible conversion of these files. Finally, this program allows you to embed a variety of effects to your images with just a few clicks of the mouse button.
PixEasy also supports fukntsii "Cancel". Most importantly, your file will not have any water marks.
PixEasy is a small application that is easy to install. You do not need to know English to use the program. The interface is simple and you will understand what to do. To get started, click "File". Click "Open" and select the desired image. Then, start editing the image as you need.

Discover Pix-Easy and its fantastic features. Retouch your photos in a few clicks only. And improve their quality in a flash! Open the drop-down menu -Effects- placed on the top right of the Pix-Easy interface and pick the effect you want to apply. You get a preview, if you-re happy with the newt aspect you can click on -apply- or -cancel -the effect!

Sepia gives a romantic retro look to even the most modern digital photographs. You can easily give your images the sepia effect by bringing in your image and selecting the filter Sepia.

Black and White
Give your pictures a serious and professional look to your photographs changing them to Black and White.

This effect is used to invert image colors and imitate a photo negative. Apply this effect to invert the colors of your regular photos to create unconventional ones. This can also be applied to add some contrast to your scrapbooks by imitating real negative pictures.

Saturation valuates the purity of color, the absence of gray and intermediate tones. It gives a -Pop Art- look to your photos, by increasing brightness, shining and contrast of the colors!

With one click apply this filter and change completely the look of your photos into one Thermal Vision.

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