Ubuntu 11.10 Oneric Ocelot х86/x64 Final

Ubuntu - an operating system based on the kernel Linux. OS is a fork of Debian GNU / Linux. The primary developer and sponsor - Canonical. The project is actively developed and supported by the free community. Its name comes from the word «Ubuntu», which is translated from Zulu means approximately "humanity."
Operating systems based on Linux kernel are very stable, so the system requires the rearrangement is very rare. Various images from the LiveCD handy to satisfy curiosity, to restore the systems installed, and so on, but for myself many experienced linuksoydy prefer over the network, being able to choose only the packages you really need them. To do this, there are minimum installation images Netboot, equipped with a text intallyatorom Debian Installer. Such images do not weigh more than 20 megabytes.
Installing a system with an image Netboot is the same as installing from CD Ubuntu Alternate, only the packages will be downloaded from the network, rather than from disk. After installing the base system is proposed to choose to install the recommended set of packages such as ubuntu-desktop, ubuntu-server, kubuntu-desktop, and so on. At the end of the list, there is an item Manual Package Selection. Selecting this item starts and aptitude are invited to choose the packages to install. You will then be made to install on a network with pre-selected a mirror, and then will install the boot loader GRUB. Because of this you will always have the latest version of the software at the time of installation. We do not recommend that you install on your network if you have a slow Internet.

Of the major changes include:

based on Linux-kernel version 3.0.3;
technology integration in GNOME 3 Ubuntu;
GDM login manager replaced LightDM;
Evolution mail client is replaced by Thunderbird;
updated Ubuntu Software Center;
window system is updated Unity.

The server version adds:

set of applications Orchestra;
service OpenStack, designed to work in large data centers;
new tools for provisioning and deployment of operating systems on different physical servers;
software to create cloud, automated OS system administration, intrusion detection, etc.

System requirements:

Processor: Any Intel or AMD;
Memory: 512 MB;
Sound Card: Any Sound Blaster - compatible card or built-in AC97;
Minimum free disk space: 6GB - at least, and 10GB - recommended;
Serial ATA: Most controllers supported in non-RAID mode and some in RAID-mode;
Video Card: NVIDIA, ATI, Intel ® i8xx and i9xx, SIS, Matrox, VIA;
Optical Drive: DVD-ROM.

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