Windows 7 Enterprise Deep Ambition 7600 RTM x86 ENG (10.2011)

Windows 7 Deep Ambition X86-based Windows 7 Enterprise.

Enabling | reg code: Absent
Language: English
File Format: iso
Platform: x86
Name: Windows 7 Enterprise Deep Ambition 7600 RTM x86
Category: Operating Systems
Year: 2011
File size: 3.71 GB
* New Windows Sounds
* 7-Zip to work with archives
* Adobe Flash Player Plugin
* Adobe Flash Player ActiveX
* Opera Browser 10,61
* Registry boosted up
* More stable and reliable
* UAC is turned off
* A new style for Windows Media Player
* New shortcuts arrows
* New icon set
* More than 35 new topics
* Full Aero Background
* Enable or disable Aero background
* A new set of drivers for video cards is integrated
* A new set of SATA drivers integrated
* A new set of audio drivers for integration
* Includes all Windows games
* Integration of some of the important drivers that are not present in the normal Windows
* Added an option to register in the Control Panel
* Added a My Computer, Control Panel
* Added user folder in the Control Panel
* Added a library in the Control Panel
* Added Windows switcher in the Control Panel
* Enabled Show desktop context menu
* Added Network Control Panel
* Added Internet Explorer in Control Panel
* Added Group Policy to Control Panel
* Added a basket in the Control Panel
* Added user account control panel 2
* Included font smoothing
* Includes all the desktop icons
* Includes startpanel off
* Enabled to show Windows Live
* Bluetooth is activated on the taskbar
* Increased speed of display menu
* Show Time Screensaver 1 min, and the default screensaver is installed, as Photscreensaver
* Enabled Lowlevel Hooks timeout
* Includes the hidden wallpapers and themes
* Included Welcome center
* Included Auto Endtask
* Included in the Administrative tools Start Menu
* Included in the Start menu, Run
* The taskbar is set to - to unite the taskbar, when filled with
* Pressing the power to set off
* Enabled Display on My computer
* Includes Programes and Features in My Computer
* Included in the Administrative Tools My Computer
* Includes backup and restore in my computer
* On the Device Manager in My Computer
* Windows Firewall is enabled in My Computer
* Enabled Mobility Center in My Computer
* Included in Windows Update My computer
* Included Search in My Computer
* Includes Regional Language in My Computer
* Includes NetWork and Sharing Center in My Computer
* Included in My Computer Run
* On the Folder Options in My Computer
* Included in Copy, Move, Grant Admin permission, Open with Notepad, Open a new window, disk cleanup, defragmentation analysis Defragment the drive
* Includes registration and cancellation of registration of DLL
* Added the Device Manager, cascading menu, labels, God mode, Group Policy, MS-config, service, registry editor in the popup menu, My Computer
* Show hidden files and folders, and operating system files
* Show hidden drives without media
* Show file extensions
* Disable Windows Defender
* Disable warning about low disk space
* Enabled powerdown after shutdown
* Command window text color set to Red
* Included automatically restart every BSOD
* Display the Start menu search
* Offline tones
* Includes the maximum speed for mouse
* Included patch UXTheme
* Minimize the number of recent items displayed in the jump list to 10
* Includes the effects of Avalon
* Offline Windows DreamScenes
* On the slow running Windows Effects
* Includes the thick window frames
* Enabled IE Phishing Filter
* Disable sound background in IE
* Search page set as default, like Google
* Enabled IE session preservation
* Includes the use of clear type
* Increased the maximum number of downloads of up to 20
* Turned off Welcome page
* Added Easy shortcuts for desktop context menu
* FIX: Misrepresent a system action or behavior without user knowledge
* FIX: Remote Attacker Denial of Service
* Fixed problems vyzvanye daylight saving time
* Supports Secure Digital (SD) cards up to 32 GB
* Fixed problems with incompatible applications
System requirements:
800 megagagerts (MHz) or faster 32-bit processor
512 MB of RAM for 32-bit (1 GB recommended RAM)
15 GB hard disk space
SVGA (800x600)
Pixel Shader 2.0, 128 MB (To run Aero)
Active Internet connection (for updating and activating Windows)
MD5: F9E35646D352E1AB6F60014880FEA544
SHA-1: EDE49EFA938823D9A431F0110E488EE65D71850E
CRC32: 5C81C997
Be localized in the center or program updates Vistalizator

Windows 7 Enterprise Deep Ambition 7600 RTM x86 ENG (10- 2011)

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