Sabtu, 15 Oktober 2011

Windows RTM ISO Verifier 2.0.2

Thisprogram allows you to retrieve the SHA1 hash for the chosen ISO andcompares the SHA1 hash to the Microsoft official hashes. It also tellsyou the OS, Version, Processor Type (x86 or x64) and displays the SHA1hash of the file. It is coded in Visual C# using Visual Studio 2010.

Firstyou need to select an ISO. You can click the browse button next to thetext box or select File - Open ISO. You can also just type the name ofthe .iso in the text box if it is in the same directory as the .exefile.
Then press Verify ISO or select File - Verify ISO. In justunder 2 minutes the program will tell you if the ISO is genuine. If thefile matches a SHA1 value in any of the loaded language files then itwill display GENUINE otherwise it will display NOT GENUINE.

LanguageList.xmlis very important without it the program cannot verify ISO. It needs tobe located in the same folder as the main .exe file. This file listswhat languages you want the program to check for. To add a new languageadd an entry to this file then download that language file. If you donot have the LanguageList.xml you will get the EC or error code EC 101which means The file LanguageList.xml was not found.

Supported OSs - Includes x32, x64 and Itanium x64
Windows 7 (Including SP1)
Windows Vista (Including up to SP2)
Windows XP (Including up to SP3)
Server 2008 R2 (Including SP1)
Server 2008 (Including SP2)
SBS 2011
SBS 2008 (Including SP2)
Home Server
Home Server 2011

Version 2.0.2 changes (7/18/2011):
* Redesigned UI.
* Bug Fixes.
* Created All In One File.

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