WinUSB Maker 1.0 - The Windows Setup to USB Solution

WinUSB Maker, is a tool to make dynamically any Removable Dervice as bootable with Windows Setup

-Totally coded with maximum security, to avoid any error
-Capture only removable devices
-Identify compatible setup folders
-Refresh all devices in one click
-Check the Folder and Device size, for better compatibility
-Dynamic progress bar and specific File / Folder / Status shown for works
-Is possible stop the work closing the window
-Portable and Small
-Fine UI


-Windows 8
-Windows 7
-Windows Server 2011
-Windows Server 2008
-Embedded and Based in Windows 7 / 8

*All versions / editions, including x64 systems

Latest hashes for WinUSB Maker v1.0.exe

CRC32: 2D036E57
MD5: 30D2DDEDA8273983D44A67028C9F40C3
SHA-1: ED17329D3A7A410C42EBA1E7EF99C2F347A86E0D

Dodol P4r3

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