All Gameloft HD Games For Android

All of the Gameloft HD games for android, all games are cracked and can be treated as retail versions, you may try them on any device, but they have only been tested and confirmed working on Snapdragon chipsets with Adreno 205. Here's what's

Ashphalt 5 HD

Asphalt 6 HD (May not work)

Hawx HD

Oregon Trail HD

Assasins Creed HD

Brothers In Arms 2 HD

Sandstorm HD

Sandstorm 2 HD

Dungeon Hunter HD

Gangstar West Coast Hustle HD

Lets Golf HD

Lets Golf 2 HD

Nova HD

Splinter Cell Conviction HD

Spider-Man HD

Hero Of Sparta HD

Uno HD

Gangstar MV HD

GT Racing HD

Real Football 2011 HD

Shrek Kart HD 

Dodol P4r3

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