Warbirds 2012-FiGHTCLUB (Pc/Eng)

WarBirds 2012 puts you right in the cockpit in exciting air to air and air to ground combat missions in one of over 120 different accurately modeled aircraft from the Spitfire, to the ME 109, to the famous B-17 Flying Fortress.
* Full realistic flight training with over 15 actual training missions. Players can actually learn everything needed to actually fly a real aircraft!
* Over 15 Instant Action Missions to get you right into the fight.
* Unlimited Free Flight Missions where the player can choose between 15 different geographical terrains, with over 120 aircraft, and with 6 different single player games from Air Attack to Bomber Ambush and more.
* Earn Rank and Medals as you advance through your career as a Virtual Combat Pilot!
* Bonus World War I aerial combat flying included.
* Bonus World War II Tank combat game included.

Install Notes
1. Unpack the files.
2. Mount or burn the image.
3. Install the game.
4. Play.
Warbirds 2012-FiGHTCLUB

Warbirds 2012-FiGHTCLUB

Warbirds 2012-FiGHTCLUB

Warbirds 2012-FiGHTCLUB

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