Win 8 XP SP3 Nov 2011

Now enjoy the appearance of the Windows version 8 of the pixels P Win 8 XP SP3 Nov 2011 beauty, speed and performance and in three languages ??(Arabic, French, English) .. Version updates in November and do not need to Megaupload are activated with built-in SATA and definitions of some important programs...
win xp pro Update November 2011
Three languages (Ar ,En ,Fr)i
Integrated More Programs
New Themes, Icons, Wallpapers
Accept updates from Microsoft
Addons integrated
Internet Explorer 8 For Windows XP SP3
Drivers Sata
Firefox 8.0
Media Player Classic Home Cinema
WinRAR 4.01 Final
7-Zip 9.20

Win 8 XP SP3 Nov 2011(Part4)
Win 8 XP SP3 Nov 2011(Part5)
Win 8 XP SP3 Nov 2011(Part6)
Win 8 XP SP3 Nov 2011(Part7)

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Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4

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