WinFolder Lock Pro 1.0 - The Folder Security Solution

 WinFolder Lock Pro is a solution to protect all folders against unauthorized access and copy forever "The data protection has never been easy"

•Full AES256 ACL Kernel Protection technology, protecting the folders forever in the kernel
•Portable and friendly interface
•Protected against virus attacks, if the computer is infected, the malicious application not can copy, send, or touch on the protected folder
•Coded with the maximum protection features, to avoid any error in the functions, the application work is guaranteed, even when installed another operating system
•Folder data is protected with kernel forever, can't delete / modify / copy / replace / rename after the protection
•Support spaces, and special characters in the password
•Support all folders properties, including read only and hidden
•Support External HDD's and Flash drives
•Protected against the system folders lock
•Support locked in locked folders
•Faster password decoding
•Instant lock / unlock
•Low system resources usage
•No external programs / services running every boot for protect the folder
•ICACLS and TAKEOWN can't grant the permissions to access the folder by Kernel Protection
•Compatible with all file systems

*For FAT32 Protection, the user can delete the folder

Understanding the Kernel Protection:

•The application make an exclusive AES256 ACL Protection on the HDD MAP, without touch on the files;
•The fully protection, is provided by OS Kernel, an bootable repair CD can recover the files, because not loads one kernel own;
•On the genuine kernel, the folder and data is protected forever, until someone unlock with an password by the same application.


•Windows 8
•Windows 7
•Windows Vista
•Windows XP Family
•Windows Server 2003 / 2008 / 2011 Family

* All Editions / Versions, including x64 systems
* Requires .NET Framework v3.5

Latest Hashes for WinFolder Lock Pro v1.0.exe

MD5: 59383B4A1D95C653BCE58E0A1F4DB2B0
SHA-1: 6C5D7B3BE5A9D64D25831C91764D3BC93B52AC41

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