ACDSee Pro 5.3.168 Final

ACDSee Pro 5.3.168 Final 
ACDSee Pro - a professional tool for working with digital photos, which has more features designed for professional photographers, supporting more than 100 graphic formats. The program lets you work with RAW-image, automatically sort photos by parameters obtained from digital cameras, provides an effective visual method to add meta tags, images, and fast batch processing of large quantities of pictures, including RAW-files. In addition, there exist tools for independent regulation of the color channels, patch photos of artifacts that appear due to errors in optics, adding "watermarks" to work with IPTC-metadata, you can backup image collections in ZIP-files recorded on CD or DVD and much more.
Experience photography without barriers! Discover ACDSee Pro Photo Manager, the most powerful software platform for viewing, processing, editing, organizing and publishing your photos. ACDSee Pro is a single platform where professional photographers view, process, edit, organize, catalog, publish and archive their growing digital photo collections. With the flexibility and control offered by ACDSee Pro 4, you can manage your images the way that works best for you. No need to adapt your workflow to fit the cookie-cutter cataloging imposed by other photo applications. ACDSee Pro is built to help you save time in all the key steps of your workflow. Each of the four modes - Manage, View, Process, Online - groups the tools that you commonly use during that particular step of your workflow. ACDSee Pro empowers you to view, process, edit, organize, catalog, publish, and archive your photo collections with precision and control. View your RAW images with lightning-fast image previews and support for most RAW formats from DSLR cameras. Get support for IPTC core fields with XMP. Shift time stamps on multiple images at once. Compare up to four images side by side.

"Instantly view your photo collection
"The organization of files by category, keyword, rating, meta-data, etc.
"Fast tagging your photos for further processing
"A quick search on any photo and save them for extended use
"Viewing and processing more than 100 types of graphic files
"View your images with the fastest viewing technology
"The combined technology is powerful non-destructive image processing and precise pixel by pixel editor in a single environment
"Converting the exposure, color, clarity, quality and geometry of your photos
"The processing of hundreds of photos at once in batch mode
"Copying photos and folders on your online account using a simple interface Drag-and-Drop
"Simple and easy organization of images online, using a tree-structure of the prominent
"Creating an album to be published with the support of secure access to password
"The revolutionary image processing environment
"Comfortable boot files on the FTP protocol
"The free online publication of photos
"Support for the SMTP protocol for e-mail
"The intuitive interface
"Flexible presets nondestructive photo processing
"Reduction of noise in photos
"Tools of image processing Advanced Color and Vibrance Tool

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