SuperEasy Photo Booster v1.1.2131 build 7885 Portable

SuperEasy Photo Booster v1.1.2131 build 7885 Portable | 6.93 Mb

SuperEasy Photo Booster can be used to avoid manually editing your images as it can automatically enhance the colors and the contrast.
In addition, it allows you to instantly preview the changes before actually applying them onto your images, thus making sure you will not accidentally destroy your favorite photos. 
Functions at a glance
*Automatic image recognition
*Re-adjustment of tonality
*Automatic re-sharpening
*Automatic contrast improvement
*Automatic adjustment for hue control and saturation
*Bright/dark correction
*White balance correction
*Optimization of several photos simultaneously through batch processing of whole folders
*Manual optimization of single photos
*Reading of EXIF and GEO data from digital camera pictures

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