CyberLink Power2Go Essential Portable

CyberLink Power2Go Essential Portable

Power2Go 8 features all the tools you need to easily copy all your media to any disc. Now you can mount disc images as virtual drives, rip, copy and edit your music and experience the ultimate in convenience with drag and drop burning.

- Power2Go 8 is an all-in-one burning solution for your media and data. Burn data discs, CDs, DVD+/-, Blu-ray discs and even the latest 128GB BDXL. With support for such a wide range of media and disc formats creating discs is easy and convenient. You can even duplicate CDs, unprotected DVDs and Blu-ray discs. Power2Go 8 truly takes care of all your media burning needs. It's so convenient that all you need to do is simply insert the disc of your choice, select the files you want to burn and let Power2Go 8 do the rest!

- Power2Go 8 allows you to mount a disc image file as a virtual drive and access it like a real disc drive on your computer. The mounted ISO image will be assigned a drive letter and it appears just like another optical drive in your system. To view the contents of the virtual drive on your PC, navigate to the Computer folder which displays the available drives on your system. Select the virtual drive and you will be able to access the files in the disc image. The virtual drive feature makes it easy to share a file with Power2Go 8 users, or online, instead of using a disc.

- Want to copy a song from your favorite CD and store it on your PC? How about extracting a soundtrack from a favorite video? Let Power2Go rip and extract your audio files for you. It's as easy as a click of the mouse! Once your audio files are copied to your PC, you can easily use a media player to create playlists from different CDs. With Power2Go 8 you can rip from CDs to MP3, WMA or WAV files. You can even create audio files for your portable media player, like your MP3 player or smart device, so you can enjoy the coolest tunes from your audio CDs everywhere you go!

- When you are creating discs, it is a huge advantage to be able to edit and enhance audio files. Power 2 Go 8 now features WaveEditor 2, a sample-level precision waveform editor with cool audio effects that allows you to trim or enhance your tunes before adding them to your slideshow or distributing them. WaveEditor 2 brings several new exciting features to Power2Go 8 users, includes multi-timeline audio mixing which allows users to compose an audio output from multiple audio tracks.

- The Desktop Burning Gadget is the latest feature to make creating discs quick and easy. You don't have to be a technical guru to burn optical discs or create data or media back-ups. It is easily enabled on your desktop, so you can conveniently drag and drop files onto the gadget for burning. Power2Go 8 prepares the media file and provides instant copying when you are ready. Creating discs should be easy and convenient, which is why the Power2Go Desktop Burning Gadget is the perfect media burning feature.

- No more second guessing what is in that .ISO image file! With Power2Go's built-in .ISO disc image file viewer, you can access and extract files and folders directly from an .ISO image onto your hard drive without the need to copy to a disc. With the ability to know which files are inside the .ISO image, you will never burn the wrong disc again - saving you both time and money. Power2Go 8's .ISO viewer truly is an extremely useful tool to help you organize, burn and better manage your data

Program features:
»»» A full range of tools for recording various file formats and disc types
»»» Support for Blu-ray disc allows you to record huge amounts of data, such as backing up movies and photo files
»»» Supports automatic splitting of files over multiple discs, if the file size exceeds the available space.
»»» Slideshow editor to convert photos into a slide show
»»The ability to create a mixed media disc(audio/video/photo on the same disk)
»»» Instant search(searching using file name or tag in the case of with music files)
»»» DVD Authoring for creating a menu to record on DVD
»»» Insert DVD chapters
»»» Video cropping
»»» VCD and DVD burning
»»» Support for NTSC and PAL
»»» Copy music from CDs to MP3, WMA or WAV files
»»» Normalization between tracks
»»» Audio file Converter
»»» Extract music tracks from video files
»»» Audio CD burning
»»» Supported audio formats: PCM or Dolby Digital Audio
»»» Insert gaps between audio tracks
»»» Drag-and-drop icons on the desktop

CyberLink Power2Go Essential Portable

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