Windows XP 7 Genius Edition 2014

Windows XP 7 Genius Edition 2014
New interface, more feature support, game edition, more reliable and better than the previous version, it was the best way to describe this Windows XP 7 Genius Edition 2014. The latest modified os xp that released in this year, although the vendor said that they will not support it any more. This one is the best ever that i had, cause it most suitable for any pc that i have, and this one already included All Microsoft Windows hotfixes and Security Update.

Windows XP 7 Genius Edition

Some friends ask me, can i have windows 7 but in xp  quality performance. i immediately think about this os, so i recommended my friend to use this, then i think why i don't share Windows XP 7 Genius Edition 2014 for all my visitor, so now i share it for you and hope this could be one of the best xp for you.

Download Windows XP 7 Genius Edition 2014
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Some Feature in this OS :
AutorunVirus remover, Everything Search tool, HashTab, Hyper Window Tools, Vista Drive Icon, PowerShell XP 3.01, CCleaner 2011, Styler 7, Tune Up 2011 Build 3010, Windows Vista Codec Pack Final, Ultra Iso 9.3.6, Windows7 Sidebar 512 Ram, AeroStyles 512 Ram - 32 Bit VGA, Internet Download Manager 6.B3, Windows Live messenger
Some Information's about XP 7 Genius :
Version : 7 Genius v3
Languange : English
Medicine : Include
OS Support : Xp SP3 x86
Password : No
Type File : Rar/ISO
Code File : gen1us
Updated : 11 januari 2014
Publisher : Genius 2011
Size :  666 Mb

Windows XP 7 Genius Edition 2014

Dodol P4r3

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