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Windows XP Professional SP3 Aug 2014 + Sata Driver

Windows XP Professional SP3 Aug 2014 + Sata Driver
New xp with more fix registry and improved in performance. Windows XP Professional SP3 Aug 2014 + Sata Driver more faster and stable edition, this one is not official update that released by Microsoft, cause this one only fix in some registry error from the previous edition. Xp still be the fastest OS when we compare it with other edition, many version has been release like Windows XP Professional SP3, Windows XP SP3 Black edition, Windows XP SP3 mini lite and other thing. This one already supported by SATA driver but if you want make it become simple you can download driver pack manager.

Version : August 2014 + Sata Driver
Language : English
Medicine : Include – Key
OS Support : Xp (x86)
Type File : rar/ISO
Code File : pro.aug.2014
Updated : 15 Augusts 2014
Publisher : Microsoft
Size : 624 Mb

Read This :
Microsoft office has been stooped their support since march 2014 but for xp fans, this os never die, many fans still try to make modified from this operating system, and they always improved this edition in every  month. XP has more feature that supported by many software and games but it has some weakness like virus, so when you use it, make sure you download one antivirus here.

Some info about files :
CRC32: 98960296
MD5: C09028D55C5C0DD3343C1CD72C9AC07F
SHA-1: E23AF320AC00F76D13C67068AF41E0B7583E6BDE

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