Hotspot Shield Elite VPN 5.20.1 Cracked [Revert Problem Fixed]

Hotspot Shield Elite VPN 5.20.1 Cracked [Revert Problem Fixed]

Hotspot Shield Elite VPN : is the most reliable vpn software & trusted by millions of people from all around the world. version 5.X has been released for HSS VPN and earlier released crack by wasn’t working anymore, so here we are with a new crack which will work on any Hotspot Shield Elite VPN Version 5.X.X (reverting back to free version has also has been fixed in this new crack release).

How to Register Activate or Crack Hotspot Shield Elite VPN Any v5.X.X ?

Install Hotspot Shield Trial Setup (.exe)
After Installation Run Update.exe (As Administrator) wait until hotspot shield popups up in taskbar.
After that Disconnect Hotspot Shield and Quit / Close it from taskbar. (Important)
Run > Hotspot Shield 5.X.X Patcher By PirateCity.NET.exe (As Administrator)
Click Patch “Button” After that click “Elite” button wait for registry update.
That’s it! Enjoy Cracked Elite Hotspot Shield 5 Full Version for Free… 😀
Note : Make sure you follow each step carefully otherwise Patch will not work (it’ll work for just few seconds) so just follow above provided instuctions… 😉


(Crack / Patch Only)

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