Sony Vegas PRO 13 Full Version Cracked

Sony Vegas PRO 13 Full Version Cracked

Sony Vegas™ Pro 13 :  is an advanced video and audio editing tool, with deep visual effects processing, total workflow customization, and disc authoring.

How To Register Activate Or Crack Sony Vegas PRO 13 ?

Turn Off / Disable Your Internet Connection.
Install Vegas Pro 13 Setup.exe (Do Not Run Vegas After Installation)
Run >> Keygen (As Administrator) >> Select >> Vegas Pro 13 (Series) Click >> Patch.
Select >> Installation Directory :
C:\Program Files\Sony\Vegas Pro 13.0\

It’ll Ask For Plugin Directory, Select Any Folder Mentioned Below :
C:\Program Files\Sony\Vegas Pro 13.0\    [FileIO Plug-Ins << OR >>OFX Video Plug-Ins <<OR>> Vidcap Plug-Ins <<OR>> Video Plug-Ins]

Keygen Should Show >> Files Has Been Successfully Patched (Message)
Do Not Close Keygen Yet >> Now Run Vegas PRO 13.
Click >> Next >> Program Will Ask For Serial Number >> Copy Serial From Keygen >> And Paste It Into Vegas PRO 13.
Select Register >> From Another Program >> Enter Any Fake Details >> And Hit Enter (Button)
Vegas PRO 13 Will Ask You To Save “Register Vegas Pro.htm” (File)
Just Save It (Any Where You Want) And Click Next >> Now Enter “Authentication Code” From Keygen >> Click Finish >> Vegas PRO 13, Should Be Started Automatically By Now.
if it Did Not Start, Then You’ll Have To Repeat All Steps Again!
That’s it Enjoy! Vegas PRO 13 Full Version For Free.. 😀


(Crack / Patch Only)

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