We Toedjoeh Remix

Windows 7 Final Remix
updated to June 2016
Windows Edition:
based on Windows 7 Ultimate
ISO Size: 2.95GB (ESD) Compressed
64 BIT

Components Removed:
Only Sample Videos, Music etc.....

Add PC Shortcut on Desktop
Add User Documents Shortcuts on Desktop
Disable Thumbnails
Disable User Tracking
Increase Icon Cache to 4MB
Start Menu - Control Panel
Start Menu - Downloads
Start Menu - Run
Start Menu - Videos
Disable Automatic Reboot on BSOD
Disable User Account Control (UAC)
Enable Large System Cache
Disk Check timeout (5 sec)
Improve Shutdown Speed
Improve Windows Shell Response
Use Small Icons

New Added:
New Icon Set
New Desktop Wallpaper 
New Logon Screen Wallpaper
Updated until June 2016
.Net Flamework 4.6.1
Direct X
Updated Windows Defender
New Sounds
New Logon and Log off Sounds
New Boot Screen Background
New User Pictures 

Download :

Dodol P4r3

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